The Centre Back Dilemma

Chelsea’s most featured centre-half pairings have been either Zouma and Tomori or Rudiger and Christensen. This appears to be a decision on the basis of experience, and with little genuine tactical foresight. Rudiger and Christensen have been at the club for the last three years and have during that time played under three different managers, … Continue reading The Centre Back Dilemma

Mentality: Where are Chelsea’s Cojones?

Following a 2-0 defeat to Arsenal in January 2019, former Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri publicly criticized his Chelsea players as “extremely difficult to motivate” with a lack of “ferocity”. Fast forward one year and it can be argued that Frank Lampard’s Chelsea, whilst not necessarily lacking in motivation, are certainly lacking ferocity in their game. … Continue reading Mentality: Where are Chelsea’s Cojones?