Nathan Dubois is a Football Twitter account with over 20k followers but he is perhaps better known for his work as fake transfer reporter and his online FIFA antics. In this miniseries, ARK talks to him about all of these activties and more. Part 2: Football Twitter, FIFA and YouTube

Check out Part One on his experience as an ITK here

You have 15,000, maybe 20,000, followers on Twitter now. What it is it like being a big account.

I think I am more grateful than anything. As a big account, especially on Football Twitter, the majority of accounts are really supportive but you do get a lot of hate and it does need to be addressed. I know that some other big accounts – I won’t name them – have been suffering a lot of abuse on Twitter, that may be just be because of their bigger following that makes others are jealous but its not as easy as some make it seem. I think I can speak for a lot of bigger Chelsea accounts when I say we are grateful for the following we have and it’s really nice to have a platform to express our views on. We have a large Chelsea audience, where most share our views or enjoy the content we put out but at same time you do have to face criticism and haters. I think it’s a bit of a balancing act to ignore the hate, but also appreciate those that actually support you.

About the hate, can it affect your personal life, especially when it is in your DMs?

Personally, I have been quite lucky because, although I received hate, it was mainly about after the journalism period. I completely understood when people hated me after that because. If I was a fan in their position and believed what I was told, I’d feel the same way. But it hasn’t really affected me and my personal life in the way I know of other big accounts that have suffered abuse in their DMs. I see it like any abuse suffered in real life; of course, it would affect them. I think its backwords and a backwords way of thinking and accounts shouldn’t have a platform to do it, which is why I’ve tried to call some accounts out that do.

On a completely different note, you’ve recently started streaming FIFA games on Twitch. How did that come about?

To be honest, there’s no explanation other than I decided to start a FIFA tournament and the reaction to that was really, really good. I asked who would be down to run a FIFA tournament and before I knew it there were hundreds of comments asking to be involved. Obviously, I couldn’t accommodate everyone, but from the reaction alone, I realised that it was something the timeline wanted and my followers wanted so I decided to try it and it worked. Then I though what else could I do to make the timeline more interesting, something different, something other accounts hadn’t done. I though it [streaming FIFA games] would be a cool way.

Admittedly, I’m not the best FIFA I’m sure many people have seen your [@ARKCFC] tweets regarding them. I love the edits. They’re quite funny. It’s just added a bit of fun to the timeline to be honest. I’m not the greatest FIFA player, I’m probably one of the worst but I think it just adds a bit of entertainment factor onto the timeline and I like that positive vibe around the Chelsea Twitter community. So that was my main reason behind it.

That takes me on to my next question; are you actually that bad? If we take away from playing Caballero in attack and Giroud in goal, are you that bad?

I would like to say no. I wouldn’t say I’m as bad as I’m being made out to be only because I’m playing people who are actually really good. All the big accounts appear to be really good apart from me, like Conn [@ConnCFC] is an elite player, Dan [@FutbolChelsea] is really good, he’s an elite player. So, I feel like I’ve had big score-lines against me but they’re actually really good. I do also have some unusual tactics, but I’m just a student if the game. So, it’ll take time but I don’t think I’m as bad as I’m being painted to be, especially by you.

What would you say you was your worst defeat?

My worst defeat? I don’t know, probably either to Bella [@bellacfc] or to Pys [@CFCPys], when I lost 8-2. With Bella, she’s a really good player and I think that’s another thing the timeline needs to realise: just because she’s a girl, does not mean she’ll be bad at FIFA, she’s actually really good and I got destroyed on the timeline after that game. To be fair, I did call it her funeral and I did gas up a victory for myself and I didn’t end up winning so I did make it worse for myself. With Pys, the memes after I lost 8-2 because it was quite soon after Barcelona lost 8-2 so obviously lots, including yourself, were making memes.

Finally, two things that are kind of linked: I saw today that you’ve become a Twitch Affiliate, so congratulations, and you are starting a YouTube channel. Was that the logical next step?

Thank you, appreciate that about the affiliate, that just happened today. And with where I’m going with it [YouTube], again you could see it as a logical step. I just feel like it’s the right thing to do considering I was streaming the friendly games on Twitch anyway and I realised the reaction I was getting on those, which I really appreciate from all the followers. A lot of people were reviewing it and a lot of people wanted more so I thought, who else can I get involved in it? Seeing the reaction that got made me think and YouTube isn’t just an extension to that because my plans for YouTube is to continue what I am doing on Twitch, but maybe a bit more. For example, I will still put all the games against my followers in YouTube and I’m also planning to start Pro Clubs with Chelsea followers and also other games like Football Manager on there but all including my followers. It will include all the people who have been supporting me through, which I think is quite important. I think it’d be quite unique to also do some Podcast type videos. Not necessarily just with Chelsea accounts but with other accounts as well, like United Trey [@UTDTrey] is my first guest for example. So, it’s just things like that that would make the timeline a better place that’s logical considering the previous thins I’ve tried.

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