The cunning faint moves; the lively dribbles, the adorable passes are the theme of Pulisic’s constant drama. It is a necessity to stay hooked to the TV when he is on the pitch. He’s such an enjoyable player to watch.

The entertainment he produces earned him the ‘fan’s favourite’. I’m not forgetting the MLS icon, Landon Donovan, when I say the USA hasn’t had an incredible player like Pulisic. He is a popular figure and approvingly loved in the country. Obviously, one of the causes Chelsea snapped him up to boost the Club’s marketing in the US.

So far, Puli-shirt-sales is delivering. Chelsea FC popularity has improved in the country. A testament is the new generation of American Chelsea fans on Twitter coming in for Pulisic. Regardless of whom they came in for, I’m certain they will eventually love the club. Mission completed!

From a logical angle, you can understand why everybody loves a player who offers something different on the pitch. A usual winger will either be creative or direct in his play, but it’s criminally how Pulisic possesses both the direct and indirect trait of the game. Likewise, how he can work with every current attacker we have at the club, he speaks every language all our attackers understand. He can play in both wings of the attack.

Credit: SBI Soccer

At left-wing, his vision and dribbling ability help him to drive the ball inside to disorganize the opposition defence hence create space for himself or his teammates. He is also adapted to drifting inward, to create space for the right-back at Right-wing. Or take on the defender and deliver an excellent cross himself. Evidently, his uniqueness justifies the love he receives.

Such uniqueness can also be found in his character. A national footballer who understands the needs of his countrymen when it matters most is a treasure. “It’s a really important time that we all need to come together and help those that are most in need.”

In March, when the Covid-19 virus hit the US and put many people in trying situations. Christian Pulisic donated to Feeding America charity, who had supported over 60,000 foodbanks in the country, to help fight hunger. “With the virus going around, food insecurity is going to grow substantially, It’s a really important time and I would just like to announce that I’ve donated to Feeding America,” he said in a video posted to Twitter.

Credit: Marco

What a courage act to fight! Likewise, in football, he is the same fine piece he is as human – a fighter. He didn’t make Lampard’s starting XI without a fight. He displayed the humility to work despite being discontented. He trained hard, made good use of the little minutes given to him and won the fans’ hearts. He fought till a standpoint the manager has no excuse for not playing him other than injury.

With the number of Injuries he’s had, not many players would still produce top performances. His tough mentality makes fighting injuries look easy. He always comes back blazing as if he had been on a break. Probably being influenced by his sheer passion to work.

His love to work hard can never be questioned. I remember how shooting ability was a bit left-off in August 2019, but it took a new form as time passes by. He is amazingly driven; he always wants to do more. Throwback to the FA Cup final, despite sustaining a hamstring injury, he refused to fall off until he finished the play. Passion!  

Alexa, combine good Passion with outstanding Ability? You get Greatness. Pulisic’s speciality is only seen by few, a lot don’t know why he is loved; why he gets the hype, why he gets the praise, why he deserves the #10 Jersey or why Messi has him in his list of top wonderkids in Europe – THIS IS IT!

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