Successful, growing and it will take the place in the world that it deserves. We can’t stop the evolution.

I had the honour to interview Jamie-Lee Napier’s mother and got an inside view of the sacrifices they made to get her to where she is today.

There’s interestthe World Cup had a little over a billion viewers tune in to watch. 

Football is a sport of athleticism. Superior hormones of physical activity can be found in the body of a man than a woman. The women football is short of high match pace; surreal intensity and the exciting tempo most people watch the game for.

Despite falling short to match the Men’s intensity, some men find it adorable to follow. One of them is Enoch Eicher. A fellow mate at All Things Chelsea, quite knowledgeable of the Woso and a constant writer of it. He fell in love with the game through Chelsea; the club he grew up watching – Afterwards, he felt the need to support the Women’s team of the club as well.

“When I started watching our women team play, I fell in love with the personalities I guess. Ji’s coolness, Jamie Lee’s spark, Cuthbert’s energy. I had the honour to interview Jamie-Lee’s mother, and got an inside view of the sacrifices they made to get her to where she is today,” said Enoch. For him, it’s about the characters of the game rather than what goes on at the matches.

Credit: The Telegraph

“What makes Woso special for me,” he continued, “is the passion, to show that they can play. And there are some really good plays, especially with players like Harder and Kerr in the squad. High quality, pedigree players; I would say I truly love it.”

Women matches may not deliver the same quality of the Men’s but it has its uniqueness. The game can be widely accepted throughout the world as it is. In Lucy’s viewpoint, the quality isn’t that far off. She believes the game has experienced a growth rate enough to match the Men’s. “There might still be a few games where some teams perform poorly and the quality looks bad (just as in the Men’s game) but the truth is that in a little while there’s been a lot of growth. The World Cup proved this, also if you watch a few games from leagues like the NWSL and WSL you’ll see it too. This shows the potential of the game to be even better,” she explained.

Lucy writes about the Chelsea Women for All Things Chelsea. As a woman, she is more inclined to the game than the Men’s. She believes the game gets better as each day passes, “The quality might not be exactly the same now but there’s not much difference, to be honest, If there’s more Investment in various areas, it can grow and the quality will improve too.”

Credit: BBC

The recent lack of investment to the game was seen at the iconic London derby clash between Chelsea and Arsenal in the Continental Cup at Kingsmeadow. I liken the Conti Cup to the EFL Cup in Men’s, it’s the least important for the English top teams. But that doesn’t excuse why it is hidden from its fans. No Media company stepped up to show it, no platform agreed to stream it either.

The excuse for its unavailability was ‘sponsorship rivalry’. What will never be heard of in the Men’s game, even in that scenario. The Woso fans consequently raised their voices to demand Media Equality. This means giving Women matches the same treatment as the Men’s, but can they achieve that?

“That’s an easy answer, YES,” Mia Eriksson replied confidently. She is a sports photographer who loves and defends the Woso exceptionally. She promotes the game with almost every tweet she sends out, an outstanding figure in the Woso Twitter community. She continued, “It’s not about what have been. It’s about what we do from now that will change the future.”

The question is, what is Woso ‘doing now’ that can change the media’s perspective of their games? The truth is they don’t have enough fans at the moment to force some claims on the media. Shouldn’t it be about consumer’s preference? How many fans will subscribe for Woso contents? Do we have enough people that are interested in getting loads of Woso on their TV every day?

“Yes, there are,” Lucy answered, “The World Cup had a little over a billion viewers tune in to watch. There’s interest, coupled with the fact that the men’s team of these teams already have a following. The Women’s teams will benefit from this existing customer base. I personally know people around who happily follow the Women’s team via social media. If it’s on TV, people will watch.”

Credit: DNA

Why a lot of homes will watch the Woso on their TV could also be because of the inspiration they give to young girls. It’s natural to admire a human from your gender uses a platform to create values. People love them, people cheer them; these young girls at home surely want to be them one day. The impact of watching current professionals is adequate to get billions to subscribe to the game.

“Right now, I think that they’re having the best role models there is for the game,” declared Mia, “For the development of the game Woso right now is a snowball that expires its size every second that passes. And with that, active footballers today have the tools to pave the way for the younger generation.”

What is the future like for this young generation? A confident Mia will say, “Successful, growing and it will take the place in the world that it deserves.” But will Woso have their own dedicated fans? Or we will rather keep seeing men like Enoch who branched into the game after developing his love for Men’s football first?

Credit: Chelsea FC

“The reason I got into Woso was because I love Chelsea. If I had to choose between Men’s and Women’s football, I would go for Men’s but that is only due to my bringing up with the Men’s game and my long history with it,” he said.

To attract original fans that are brought up with Woso, they need to emulate the process of how the Men’s game developed. The way to build a fan base is to represent your city, village, and the people; be a culture for them, adopt their tradition. Atalanta is a good epitome, they stand for their city. It doesn’t matter whether you like football or not, provided you hail from Bergamo, you must cheer Atalanta.

Credit: Serie A

Teams like Barcelona and Ajax build their fan base through a style. A brand of distinctive football people wants to see. The idea is to fill the stadium first before seeking for TV fans. A regular stadium fan who constantly enjoys his moment in the stands cheering his team will pay ridiculous figures to TVs on days he can’t attend the stadium.

Woso need to adopt these to fill their stadiums. Have more teams with contrasting styles, different traditions. Let there be fierce rivalries, clashes in games, brawls. These create excitement in people, the whole city is talking about it, moments from the match are trending. Hence the game is becoming viral.

Lucy believes the train is moving. A positive to take is that the game is no longer the same it was five years ago, “It is getting better and better gradually. The game has grown now so we have more teams that put up decent performances.” Mia affirm, “We can’t stop the evolution.

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