Welcome to the All Things Chelsea Quiz! Quizmaster Tom will test your knowledge on everything Chelsea! A new quiz will be released every Wednesday, with a selection of general knowledge quiz questions and themed conundrums on our upcoming opposition. Be sure message your answers to Tom (@tovers98) or All Things Chelsea (@AllThingsChels_) – both of which will shout out the highest scorer!

Round the World

Chelsea have had a bumper window this summer, with six additions confirmed to date from five different countries! First up, we have some teasers on Chelsea players from around the world!

  1. Who was the first Argentinian to sign for Chelsea?
  2. Four members of France’s 1998 World Cup winning squad played for Chelsea during their playing careers. Name all four.
  3. Who was the first American to sign and make a first-team appearance for Chelsea?
  4. Who are the most recent Scottish and Welsh internationals to appear for Chelsea? Hint: Both were signed as juniors!
  5. ‘Chelsea have never fielded an Australian outfield player’ – True or False
Credit: BleacherReport

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Chelsea face Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Sunday at 4pm. Round Two contains questions from recent meetings between the two clubs!

  1. How many victories do Chelsea have over current Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp?
  2. In which year did Chelsea last win a Premier League fixture at Anfield?
  3. Chelsea faced Liverpool in the first league game under the ownership of Roman Abramovich, winning 2-1 at Anfield. Name our two goalscorers that day.
  4. Mohammed Salah is the latest player to play for Liverpool after appearing in Royal Blue. Who was the last player to appear for Chelsea after playing for Liverpool?
  5. Who was the Chelsea Manager when they last defeated Liverpool in European Competition?

Comment your answers to this post, or message them on Twitter to either @tovers98 or @AllThingsChels_ The highest scorer will receive a shoutout on both pages!

2 thoughts on “The All Things Chelsea Quiz #1

  1. Crespo
    Desailly, lebouef, Lambourde
    Gilmour and Ampadu

    Veron and hasselbaink
    Fernando Torres
    Guys Hiddink


  2. 1.Crespo
    2. Frank Leboeuf, Marcel Desailly,
    3. Christian Pulisic
    4. Billy Gilmour and Ethan Ampadu
    5. True
    1. 1
    2. 2013/2014
    3. Hasslebaink and Veron
    4. Torres
    5. Guys Hiddink


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