According to the Chelsea fans, there is no excuse for Frank Lampard in the coming season. Win titles or leave. He has the next 9 months to lift a silverware or #LampardOut. Not even a consideration for a club legend. With these businesses in the transfer market, he has been placed an ultimatum by the supporters. He is on a hot seat.

Lampard had spoken earlier warning his players that ‘a-top-four finish won’t be an achievement for the coming season’. A bold statement to relief the fans that he’s also aware of the pressure. But regardless of his aplomb, what fans want remain clear: win titles.  

Afterwards, the signing of – arguably the most coveted youngster in Europe: Kai Havertz intensified the pressure. He became his fifth first-team signing of the window after Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell, Hakim Ziyech & Timo Werner. Such calibre of signings means he must lead this team to a title challenge campaign. 

My Opinion

There are two categories of fans with this claim. To the minute part of Chelsea fans that unnecessarily disprove Lampard as the head coach – I have nothing to say. I believe every comment of them should be taken lightly. 

As for the general fans that support this, perhaps due to the high profile additions made: I reckon some factors need to be considered.

New signings will need time to; get to know their teammates, adapt to life in the new city, gel and create chemistry within the team, and meet the tactical demands of the manager. While I agree a lot of time shouldn’t be lavished yet I firmly think the 20/21 season will be a year of getting the band together. 

I take the 20/21 season as the second year in the Lampard’s 3-year plan. A year to close the gap. Closing the gap means finishing in the top three with closer numbers to the top two. And also winning a trophy outside the PL. A lot more can happen with this current squad but these are the realistic goals.

A team that include Havertz x Werner x Pulisic x Ziyech x Kante x Silva x Chilwell and few other stars – can’t easily launch a title challenge anymore. Thanks to the standard Liverpool and Manchester City set. 

At least 95 points are needed to belong to the position. These two teams have quality players in almost every position. Same can’t be said of the Chelsea squad. Goalkeeping problems, defensive disorganization are few epitomes of what Lampard will need to solve this season. 

So let’s get the band together this season, we may start the show next season.

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