The Fantasy Premier League season is upon us very soon and this season will be an absolute blast with the amount new singings coming in to premier league clubs. Are you are returning back to Fantasy Premier League after a break? Are you just starting up this season? This piece has you all covered. I started playing FPL back in 2017 and during my 3 year time, I managed to complete last years season with my best rank at 21k Overall with a total of 2334 points and I have some tips which can help you improve your overall rank or help you to start seeing more green arrows every week against your friends in your private leagues.

The Basics

Every FPL manager starts with a budget of 100 million pounds. You need to pick a team within the budget for the start of every week within the deadline. Players score points on a unique scoring system. Players can also score ‘Bonus points’ every week based on their performances. Let’s assume Timo Werner scores a hat trick on a particular week, he will most possibly earn the highest bonus points that week.

FPL Points scoring system
Credit – Official Fantasy Premier League Website

Every week, players are given one free transfer to make and you can sell and buy players. If you sell a midfielder, you can only buy another midfielder and not a defender. Player price’s can rise or drop every week depending on their performances in a particular week and you will often see a rise in the value of your team every week, which is very good for the long run. If you wish to make more transfers, you will have to take -4 hit on every transfer you make which will be reflected on your overall score that week. To gain ranks against other players, simply score beyond the average points per game week.

1. Plan your Team well!

Everyone starts with a 100million and using your starting budget is very important. Picking your star and expensive players is very important. Take a look at their performances from previous seasons and it will give you a good idea of who to pick. If you are interested, there are many FPL dedicated websites which will do in-depth statistical analysis of players who are expected to score points every week, those players will be the bread and butter of your team. Since you will not be able to pick all the best players, its good to consider value for money options to fill up your squad. These are players who start games for their clubs every week but are priced very low. Plan your team around players who have favourable fixtures, for example – Harry Kane has three fixtures which have a difficulty ranking of 2 or below and he’s more likely to score in those games. These small details are equally important to determine how many points you can score every week. Picking the right players is important, however, you can always choose your favourite players too. End of the day, play FPL the way it appeals to you and its best way to have fun with the game.

2. Don’t Chop and Change Often

Is your star player not performing well? Are certain picks scoring low points than expected? New FPL managers will always be tempted to make a swift change or pick the players who are the current ‘Flavour of the month’. It’s ok to keep hold on to them for a while unless they don’t score for more than 2 weeks. Chopping and changing players too often in FPL will never work out in the long run. It means you will have to take hits to change your squad beyond the one free transfer you get every week. Taking multiple hits every week will not help you score points. Trust your instincts when you select your team as well. They help more often than never. As a rule of the thumb, it’s good to be patient with players on whom you invest your budget into. You can also hold onto a free transfer for a week to make two changes in the next game week as well.

3. Picking your Captain

This is arguably the most important tip to keep in mind. Selecting the right captain often will make the difference for you as they will score you the most points per season on an average. Take Mohammed Salah of Liverpool for example, a very popular choice as he scores goals for Liverpool and takes their penalties as well. Pick the best player of your team for captain and he will more than often make the difference for you. There is another strategy you can adapt called the ‘Differential captain’, this simply means that you captain a player has been captained by the least amount of FPL players on a Game week but has also scored the most points or beyond his expected returns in that week. Michail Antonio of West Ham, scored 4 goals in a game vs Norwich but was owned by less than 2% of all FPL players, captained by even lesser by then. Its a high risk high reward strategy but can work to your favour if the timing is right.

4. Play your Chips Right!

Every FPL season you start with four chips which are one time use only; The Triple Captain, The Bench Boost, The Wild Card and The Free Hit. All four chips are very important and when used well, can help you gain a lot of points every season. The Wild card is given to you twice, once at the start of the season and one after completion of the first half of fixtures. Using your chips at the right time will be the difference between gaining and losing ranks. Don’t hesitate to use them, but always make sure the timing is right. All three chips are very important and each when used at the right time can help you gain more than 20+ points a week which in itself is a massive boost to your points total that week. For instance, Let’s say Kevin De Bruyne has a double game week where he plays two games that week with favourable home fixtures against bottom half teams. That will be a good time to use your triple captain him.

5. Have Fun!

Remember, FPL is a game. Don’t stress out too much over it if you see red arrows or drop in ranks every week. You can always gain ranks in the next week if you lose out on a week. If your idea of having fun in FPL is choosing players from the team you support or going for a team with players outside the top 6 teams, go for it. Else if your idea of fun is climbing to higher ranks every week, there are plenty of resources online which can help you to climb ranks from deep statistical studies which count every point scored to Youtuber’s and twitter accounts of top players who often share their tips and lineups before every game week. There is no correct way to play Fantasy Premier League and the way you want to play it is the best way to have fun.

Thats about it from me. These tips can help you start out as a new FPL manager without too much difficulty. There are lots of twitter accounts and websites who help new players out as well The Fantasy Premier League community is usually very friendly and welcoming to new players. The official Fantasy Premier League twitter account is a must follow as well on Twitter. They will give you all the details about price changes, bonus points scored and details of who scored and assisted from other teams. Good luck to all new managers starting out this year. May you see Green arrows often!

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