Ethan Ampadu has secured his second loan move away from Chelsea. This time to an English club and a Premier League club. He will spend his 2020/21 season under the guidance of the talented Chris Wilder.

It’s hard to predict that a player who made his senior debut at the age of 15 years will spend his last teenage years struggling for minutes. After signing a new 5-year deal in 2018, it was very difficult to break into Maurizio Sarri’s first team. He rarely played throughout the season, and when he plays – the manager plunges him in to complement his tactics. He hardly played his preferred position.

Justifiably a cause to request for a loan move when Frank Lampard came in. No assurance of game time either, his development pace is deteriorating. He quickly needed to start playing again. But nothing changes at RB Leipzig either. Same scenario as Chelsea. He would only be called upon when Upamecano has a cramp.

His status on his return to Chelsea wasn’t encouraging. Albeit he is 19 it seems like two years have been wasted off his development years. Well, it is. He needs an excessive run of games in my opinion. Not sure he will get that at Chelsea currently.

However, his mentality tops the whole sorry tale. He believes he can always compete. He initially refused to go on loan. Despite the star-packed Chelsea midfield and defence, he vowed to fight for his place in the team. His resistant mentality to settling for less can only get our hopes high.

To be fair, Chelsea FC is lucky to have their player developing at Sheffield United. I mean this is a big club to develop youngsters. Manchester United’s Dean Henderson is the latest testament. Ethan Ampadu is also lucky to be at the club. But everything adds up only IF he gets needed game time.

Tactically I find him perfect for Chris Wilder. A 3-man defence will influence Ampadu’s possession ability positively. When being called to the defensive midfield, he can also act as a stationary rock shielding the back three.

If he gets the game time at Sheffield United, it can only mean an advantage to him. His mentality? You can’t question it. His work ethic? Superb! In a year or two, I’m confident we can have a top player for Chelsea FC in Ethan Ampadu. The keyword here is game time.

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