Several additions have been into the first team. These players all have distinctive styles of play which could cause some headache for the manager. For instance, Hakim Ziyech is a creative wide player who isn’t pacy enough to be a threat in transition. Also, Timo Werner is a natural striker who feels better playing out wide. These minute hitches are what the manager will have to sort out.

Here is the potential list of the shapes Lampard may adopt next season.


With this formation, a traditional number 10 will be required – a role Hakim Ziyech can do justice to. His deft touches and vision will open up spaces for the wide players to curl crosses in. Two standard defensive midfielders will play in front of the centre backs as a pivot. They will circumstantially step into the centre of the pitch to help the forwards with possession. This formation will favour Ziyech, Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Gilmour, and Barkley most.


Also called 4-3-3 double-eight pivot. The most productive shape of Lampard last season in terms of goals. The most important role is the two advanced box-to-box midfielders. They are tasked to contribute albeit greatly to attack, but also to defence. Its dynamism is having great numbers in all attacking zones.

This is achieved by having the front three mostly in the box, the fullbacks bursting into the wide attacking areas. The two advanced midfielders cover the edge of the opposition box and time runs into the box when they sense the green light. The lone DM will have to do a static job hence must possess a ‘destroyer’ attribute. The most favoured players in this formation will be Mount, Barkley, Havertz, Loftus-cheek, Kante, Kovacic and Ampadu (lone DM).


The b-type of the 4-3-3. It is the reverse midfield triangle of the last formation discussed. And it is different from 4-2-3-1. This shape is often seen in a Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic midfield which could repeat itself next season.

For the most part of the match, the midfield trio will be in a flat shape. But surging forward, Jorginho and Kante will sit back while Kovacic drives the ball forward. The main aim of this formation is to boss the midfield throughout the match. This formation will favour Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, Mount, Loftus-cheek, Barkley, and Gilmour most.


The most balanced attacking and defensive formation – only if fullbacks can give their all. It comprises the use of three centre backs and two defensive midfielders. The wingbacks are entreated to be both the winger and the fullback. The success of this formation depends on their performance.

The natural wingers will position mostly inside the box with the striker – which means more attacking outputs if the wingbacks can play them in. The most favoured players in this setup are Alonso, Azpilicueta, Chilwell, James, Havertz, Giroud, Pulisic and Abraham.

These are the possible shapes for the coming season. It is also important to note that Lampard is a very flexible manager. As we’ve seen this season. He loves to match-up his opposition threat and neutralizes them with his shape. Hence more variation of shapes should be expected.

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Which shape do you think Lampard will deploy next season? Let us know in the comments below!

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