After what has been a good first season at Chelsea, Frank Lampard now looks on to next season with higher goals in mind. With the circumstances this season being unlike any other season before, the 19-20 season has been treated by the board and fans as a progressive season. Yes, it may be true we never won a trophy, but we did qualify the Champions League and also make it into a cup final. With the window open and the ban now lifted, Lampard has already brought in two stars in Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner. In addition to them, we have also been heavily linked with Havertz. According to many credible sources, talks are still ongoing between Leverkusen and Chelsea. During this short pre-season period, Lampard will have many decisions to make in the coming weeks. With that said, let’s take a look at our front three for next season.

Hakim Ziyech:

The signing of Ziyech was announced way back in February, just after the January transfer window had ended. Although the fans were quite enraged at the board for not having made any moves back then, many were delighted at the news of Ziyech’s transfer. A 27 year-old Moroccan left-footed wizard, Hakim was an outstanding player at Ajax. This season alone, he bagged 8 goals in all comps, along with a staggering 21 assists. He plays best on the right hand side of the field, but he can also play as a 10 quite well. As a right winger, Ziyech can cut in onto his left foot and take shots from long range, a trait that Lampard will appreciate a lot. He can also send in crosses into dangerous areas for the other attackers to tap-in, as seen when he sent a delicious ball to Promes against us in the UCL group stages. In our home game against Ajax, Ziyech produced an impressive hat-trick of assists from the CAM position, single handedly destroying our defensive structure.

Credit: Premier League

When it came to the transfer itself, it was quite similar to the Pulisic transfer. Both Hakim and Pulisic were signed out of nowhere, and both finished their seasons with the selling club. Rather interestingly, the Ajax supporters were extremely upset with the departure of Ziyech. The most interesting part was that they seemed to miss him more than the likes of De Jong and De Ligt, two of the stars from the 18-19 Ajax team that made it into the semi-finals of the Champions League. Whereas Barcelona and Juventus probably thought they got the cream of the crop, Chelsea have gotten themselves the creamiest of the crop. Despite that, a few fans, including myself, were skeptical at first. Ziyech played for Ajax in the Eredivisie, which isn’t known for being as competitive as other leagues. In addition to that, he was also physically slim, a trait that could hurt him in a league as physical as the Prem. After watching him more and more, most fans have learnt that he is still an elite player who will improve our team exponentially.

Christian Pulisic:

Pulisic had a somewhat rough start to this season, but has gradually settled into the league. Rival fans thought the American was signed by Chelsea simply for foreign shirt sales, but he has been one of the most important players for the club this season. He was signed back in the 18/19 January transfer window when Sarri was manager, but he only started playing for us this season. Pulisic is a very versatile attacker who can play in LW, RW, and CAM. This season, however, he has mostly played as a LW who cuts-in to the middle. His strengths include impressive dribbling, world-class balance on the ball, great finishing with both feet, creativity, and flair.

Credit: Forbes

Many people, fans and commentators alike, have compared him to the likes of Eden Hazard, but Christian himself stated: “He’s an unbelievable player. It’s pretty obvious what he accomplished at this club and I’m not trying to compare myself to that. What’s important for me now is winning games and having an impact for my team”. The American was brilliant during Project Restart, and will hopefully continue that for next season. To learn more about Pulisic and his impact this season, check out my player profile on him.

Timo Werner:

Credit: Sky Sports

The signing of Timo Werner was a big shock for some in the footballing world. Earlier in the year, it seemed almost guaranteed that he was heading for Anfield. Out of nowhere, Lampard used his enormous pullpower, the equivalent to the sun’s gravitational field, to bring Werner to the bridge. The 24-year old striker started for the German national team, and was also the main man for RB Leipzig. In the Bundesliga this season, Werner managed to get 28 goals and 8 assists in just 34 appearances. When you total up all his product from all competitions, Werner gets an astounding 47 G+A this season. The output from this man was one of the main reasons Chelsea were so keen on the striker, as a consistent goal scorer was needed at the bridge for a long time.

In addition to the numbers, Werner also has a few more exciting traits. His speed on and off the ball is electric, arguably faster than the likes of Pulisic and everyone else in the team. With Ziyech and Pulisic feeding him balls from the wings, Werner will have many chances to supplant himself as a top striker in the Premier League.


With these three almost guaranteed to be the front three for Chelsea next season, it will be interesting to see how Lampard will use them. First off, Hakim and Timo will need to pick their numbers for next season. Hypothetically, the best option would be to give Pulisic the number 10 (as Willian has now left the club), Ziyech the number 22, and Werner the number 11. 

In the game, the three players suit each other quite well. Pulisic will be the main dribbler and driver of the three, running past defenders and opening up space. With the likes of Ziyech and Werner with him, the load and pressure might ease up. As for Werner, he is a lightning quick player with good feet and excellent finishing. He will be looking to make runs in behind the defence and to link-up the play. Unlike Giroud, Timo isn’t a hold-up play striker. Instead, he is almost the polar opposite of Giroud, something that still gives the Frenchman an important role for next season. As for Tammy and Michy, the latter will most likely be departing this summer as he will find it incredibly difficult to start, let alone get subbed on. Tammy on the other hand will also have to work hard, but he will most likely be our starting striker for domestic cups. When it comes to Ziyech, he will be crucial for many of our games against low-blocks. His vision and creativity can rip apart even the firmest of defenses, and his balls from the right will look to Pulisic and Werner for simple tap-ins. All in all, we have an excellent dribbler with a strong weak-foot, a speedy striker with excellent finishing, and a footballing mastermind with a magical left foot. 

When it comes to attack, Chelsea look set to demolish opponents with the rise of a new front three. The only thing missing from this front three as of this moment, is an acronym.

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What do you think of the front three emerging for Chelsea next season? Does the club need any more attackers?

Let us know in the comments below!

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