Angelo Mangiante of Sky Sports Italy has tweeted that Paris Saint-Germain 36-year old veteran defender Thiago Silva has been offered to Chelsea. The defender will be leading his team in the Champions League final this Sunday but his contract expires after. Hence his future is currently clouded.

It’s no surprise he was offered to Chelsea. Chelsea season under Frank Lampard could have been more productive if some defensive actions were better. The matchday talks revolved around conceding goals throughout the lengthy season. As a result of this, Chelsea is reported to be in search for a potent figure in the back.

Thiago Silva preferably wants a stay in Europe and won’t mind a move to the Premier League. “I have already said a lot of times before I wanted to, that I want to finish [my career] here in Europe,” he said.

However, there are few concerns Chelsea should consider in signing the outstanding centre back. Tactically, Is Silva the type of CB Lampard need? It’s a clear No when one understands Lampard wants to defend with a high line hence a fast shield is the best fit. Thiago Silva understandably, won’t offer that.

Credit: Ligue 1

Team-wise, Silva would come in as a leader and model to the pool of young players at the club. Will that influence our pitch performance? Chelsea apparently had leaders in Olivier Giroud, Cesar Azpilicueta, Jorginho and Willy Caballero which didn’t change anything defensively in the last campaign. If Chelsea fans want someone that will shout at his teammates at CB you’ve got Antonio Rudiger. A fresh atmosphere of good performances is what is needed at the defence, not motivation.

In conclusion, what Frank Lampard and Chelsea are building shows a long term project. Young and future project players like Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, Ben Chillwell, Declan Rice – have been associated with Chelsea. Like a fellow writer, Nischal tweeted, “A short-term fix is not the answer for a long-term project.”

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