His first season done at a big club, His second season done in football management. Frank Lampard has proved doubters wrong with the elements in his managerial ability. But just like a brilliant academy player stepping into the first team – he may be good but he still has a lot to learn.

In this article, I will highlight four things Frank didn’t get right this season.

  1. In-Game Tactical Adaptability

It is best explained this way, when you want to beat Lampard, just tweak your tactic at halftime. His match preparations have been top class as he had outsmarted the likes of Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola & Jurgen Klopp. But his problem is not getting the definite changes right during matches. He is truly flexible with his tactics but they don’t seem to produce good results. This aspect of managing football players like playing chess is what he needs to improve on. This season, he failed to match his opponent’s tactical move during matches.

2. Tactical Consistency

Today it’s 3-4-3 with Marcus Alonso & Reece James at the wing, tomorrow it’s 4-2-3-1 of Jovacic DM pivot while Mount sweeps in front of them, next week it’s Barkley-Mount double eight pivots. What exactly is the basic formation? Lampard need to have one, playing a basic formation doesn’t make you robotic – it instead helps the players master their role and develop their game into it.

Flexibility tactics are best at a maximum of two. We’ve lost some games due to switching tactics this season. This element is another aspect of management Lampard got wrong in the season.

3. Have A Fixed Starting XI

We indeed have a large group of players and we want to develop them all, yes but their quality is different. Some players are too valuable to be dropped, but it doesn’t seem quality is the deciding factor for Lampard. Except for the system players, everyone else had been on the bench for a certain period. Although it confuses us as fans, I don’t think Lampard and his coaching staffs also know our best XI in terms of quality. It’s wrong if we rate them equally.

4. Training Regime

The first part of this I will discuss is scheduling physical training at mid-season. This perhaps contributed to our high injury rate. Lampard explained this was to keep everyone fit but it’s not helping when it means less squad depth.

The second part is set pieces. This has been a problem for our defence for months but persists. I honestly don’t think any work was being put in in training to correct this, and if there was – it was short of quality.

In conclusion, this season has been brilliant for Frank Lampard. He might not have won a trophy but he took up a challenge not fit for his age in management and he delivered. Like a youngster, he needs to keep honing his skills and I say, he will only keep getting better. He is the beginning of something great at Chelsea Fc.

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