We start this week’s summary with a nice and honourable memory:

The biggest news’ of the week

No doubt about it – this week’s massive and most talked about story is THIS:

The first Women’s Community Shield since 2008 will take place at Wembley Stadium on August 3rd. Kick-off time is set to 12.30 pm.

The game will, unfortunately, take place behind closed doors. On the other hand, it will be broadcasted live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

In an official statement at Chelsea’s website Emma Hayes said:

“I’m extremely excited to open the season at Wembley against a top team. We’re working really hard, and it’s a trophy to compete for. I take every trophy very seriously, and we will be ready for it.”

More from Emma Hayes

From what it looks like, several WSL-teams have been strengthened their squads, and Hayes thinks that the competition between the teams will be hard and tight when the season kick-offs in the weekend of the 5-6th August.

“I think everything will be extremely difficult this season. Winning is very tough when you look at the quality of the opposition, especially when you look at how well teams have strengthened their squads.”

Finally; we can all agree on one thing; It has been boiling hot this week:

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