Chelsea FC Women’s left-side full-back, Jonna Andersson from Sweden, signed with the Blues’ at the end of 2017. Her move from the Swedish team and title winners Linköpings FC made her a part of the Chelsea team that was crowned both WSL Champions and FA Cup winners of the campaign 2017/18.  

Jonna Andersson was born and raised in a small town called Mjölby, just outside Linköping in Sweden. Her track record with Linköpings FC is impressive, playing with them since 2009 before she joined the Blues. Jonna won three Swedish league titles in 2009, 2016 and 2017. The 2016 title came as a result of an outstanding season where Linköpings FC managed to go through the Swedish League – Damallsvenskan completely unbeaten. If you let Jonna describe herself as a player, this is what she says:

“I am an offensive and loyal football player with good running abilities.”

“I think that my years in Sweden, and the club I started playing in, Mjölby AI, has been essential for my development. I feel proud of my achievements with Linköpings FC, but I’m also proud of myself for taking the next step when I moved to London.” 

The title winners of the campaign of the Women’s Super League 2019/20, even though it ended early due to the coronavirus, were Chelsea FC Women, as they placed at the top of the table completely unbeaten. And Jonna got herself a second WSL-title.

First, she said no, then she said yes

The Blues’ interest in the Swede’s services showed already in 2016, but Jonna turned Chelsea’s first offer down as she didn’t felt ready to move her career abroad. One year later she became a Blue, and not long after the contract was signed, she cemented her spot in Chelsea’s starting formation, playing alongside Swedish national team colleague Magdalena Eriksson, who she also played with at Linköping. The pair has already formed a substantial part of Sweden’s national team defence, and it would be no surprise if that teamwork continued regularly for future national team assignments. 

“I chose to wait to move abroad when Chelsea came with the offer the first time around. I didn’t feel quite ready back then, but I also really wanted to finish my contract with Linköping. I accepted Chelsea’s second offer one year later, and I haven’t regretted joining Chelsea for a second.”

With Chelsea’s outspoken ambitions to win every competition they enter, and now that they are back in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, it’s quite apparent what Andersson is striving for:

“It’s no secret that we’re aiming high for the upcoming season, and my dream would come true if I get to win, not just the league, but also the Champions League with Chelsea!” 

Back at it

The left-back hasn’t played games or trained with the Blues since before the Algarve Cup back in March, and now she is looking forward to the next season to start. 

“I’m looking forward to starting the preseason with Chelsea again. I’ve missed my teammates and to meet up and train with them again is going to be amazing.”

The best part about being a Chelsea player according to Jonna Andersson?

“Our fantastic supporters and fans! I think we have the best supporters and fans in the league. Another great part about playing in Chelsea is that I have the opportunity to train and play with some of the world’s greatest players every single day!”

What do you do when you’re not playing football?

“When I’m not training or playing games, and I’m here in London, I try to use my time to rest as much as possible. I’ve been taking some distance courses in university, and of course, I’m hanging out with my teammates a lot as well outside football. Whenever I get the opportunity, I go to Sweden to visit my friends and my family.” 

One thought on “The Interview: Chelsea FC Women’s Jonna Andersson

  1. An insightful and interesting article about Joanna’s journey to becoming a Blue. I hope this becomes the start of many more.


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