On Sunday, Timo Werner landed in London in order to watch Chelsea’s crucial game with Wolves from the stands. Yesterday, he trained with the First Team squad and today Chelsea have released his first interview with the club. Here are five things we learned about our exciting new talisman.

1. Lampard’s pull power is real

Antonio Conte brought N’golo Kante and Alvaro Morata to the Bridge. Maurizio Sarri convinced Jorginho and Kovacic to join the club. Now Lampard is demonstrating that he too can attract top quality players to Chelsea, perhaps more so than any manager since Mourinho.

We already knew that Lampard played a massive role in signing Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and – hopefully – Kai Havertz but now the German striker has confirmed it. In the interview he said:

“He [Lampard] was the main point,’ he explains. ‘We talked a lot about things like system, like how he wants to play and sees me playing, and how the system fits to me. He is a really nice guy who not only told me what he wants from me as a player because he wants to help me as a guy. He knows me now a little bit better and it fits very good between us and now I am happy to be here.

This confirms that Lampard is attracting top calibre players to Stamford Bridge, and not just because of his name too. His knowledge, his personnel skills and his fabled three-year plan all contribute to his and Chelsea’s appeal.

2. Werner admired Chelsea’s 2012 team

Whenever Chelsea sign a big name player, rival fans bring out the usual over-used trope that they had never heard of Chelsea before they were offered large sums of cash to join. This year even football website, Goal, joined in with the jokes on their official Twitter account. Well Werner has put that nonsense to bed in this interview.

He admitted to watching Chelsea’s Champions League-winning outlet of 2012, which included current manager, Lampard, and technical advisor, Petr Cech.

‘I know of the players before when they won the Champions League with Drogba, with my new manager Frank Lampard, Petr Cech as the technical advisor, it is like a little dream for me but I want to become, not a same player like them, but I want to be part of a new era here so I will play to try to give my best.’

Timo Werner

3. He has joined to be part of a new Chelsea ‘era’

You might have caught that at the end of the previous quote, Werner says he wants to be part of a ‘new era’ at Stamford Bridge. The Frank Lampard era looks to kick off next year as Ziyech, Werner and Havertz join this year’s young team to help them pursue more trophies. Given Werner’s young age and the young age of the already successful squad, it’s no surprise that the 24 year old signed on to this project that looks like it could last a decade.

4. He has already trained with the squad

Well technically we already knew that from pictures of yesterday’s training session but Werner confirmed that he’d been training with the team. However, Werner did confirm that he hasn’t yet been properly introduced to players and is excited to do so over the coming days.

‘The first day is always a little bit crazy because you don’t know everybody so much,’ he says, ‘and not only the team, it is always a pleasure to meet the team behind the team the first time and now I am very happy and excited to meet them.’

Timo Werner

5. He’s ready for the Premier League

The Premier League is always considered a harder league than others in Europe and some sceptics would have been worried Werner was not ready to adapt to a physically tougher league. However, the former Leipzig player has sought to assuage those fears with this quote during his interview:

The style of the Premier League is very fast and my speciality is that I am really fast so I think it is perfect for me to play here. It is another league in another country so I can improve myself to bring it to another level, so those are the reasons I come to the Premier League and to Chelsea.

‘I’ll try to score as much goals as I can for Chelsea, that is the big reason why they bought me, to bring the goals I scored in Leipzig here, and maybe score more goals than there.’

So there you go, Premier League defenders Timo Werner is ready. Are you?

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