After a very on and off performance from the Blues at Anfield, we take a look into each players individual performance. Some players shone while others disappointed us in a game where a draw would have guaranteed Champions League qualification.

Kepa- 3

The Spanish goalkeeper had a night to forget. Conceding 5 won’t get you a very high rating, but it dosent help when your at fault for at least 2 of the goals, if not more. On Liverpool’s first, scored by Naby Keita, he could’ve done better, but not overly his fault; for the second, a free kick scored by Trent Alexander-Arnold, his positioning was all wrong and was left flat footed as the ball soared into the net. The third was smashed in from close range which he maybe could’ve got something on. The fourth he could not have done anything about, but the fifth was a poor bit of goalkeeping where the shot was hit at him by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin, and he parried it into the top corner of his own goal. He had one bright moment where he stopped Roberto Firmino through on goal, but overall an appalling night for the Spaniard.

Reece James- 6

A bright start for the young English full back was highlighted by his great cross for Mason Mount which he nearly converted, and his outside the box shot which was whiskers away from finding the top corner. James was defensively good throughout the game, although one or two times he did get the run around by Sadio Mane. Overall a positive performance.

Kurt Zouma- 5

When you concede five as a team, the defenders cannot receive a high rating. Zouma had bright moments in the game, including a block to stop Mohamed Salah and another to stop Robeto Firmino getting through on goal, but he wasn’t commanding enough to rise to the occasion tonight, though he was probably Chelsea’s best centre back on the night.

Cesar Azpilcueta- 4

The captain had a tough game against Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, where he unfortunately couldn’t get the better of them. Despite not making any clear mistakes, there were many times where the Spaniard could have done better.

Antonio Rudiger- 3

After an impressive display against Manchester United at the weekend, things were looking up for the German, although tonight he didn’t deliver. Getting the run around from Mohamed Salah in the second half didn’t help him, and he made many defensive errors almost leading to goals each time.

Marcos Alonso- 4

When Chelsea play 3-4-3, Alonso is usually a key feature in the side, although he was almost invisible today. He didn’t turn up when needed offensively and didn’t seem all there defensively either. He was replaced by Emerson near the end of the game, which could suggest he may be on his way out.

Jorginho- 4

A very poor display from the Italian tonight; he didn’t look up the scratch with the Liverpool midfield – often losing out and leaving the centre backs exposed. For the fifth Liverpool goal he had the chance to bring Andy Robertson down for a tactical foul, which he didn’t take and ended up paying the price.

Matteo Kovacic- 5

After a stunning performance against Manchester United, many thought Kovacic would run the game against Liverpool. He struggled at times to retain possession, and couldn’t break down Liverpool attacks. Although he wasn’t too bad at starting attacks and getting the ball, he struggled moving forward.

Mason Mount- 4

Not the best display from the Chelsea youngster tonight. Had a huge chance in the early stages of the game to put Chelsea ahead, but he blazed over the bar. Overall he just couldn’t find the space needed to make something happen.

Olivier Giroud- 6

Really struggled to get into the rhythm tonight and was largely at fault for the first goal when he tried to dribble the ball out of the Chelsea half and losing it to Naby Keita. Not an inspiring performance from the Brazilian, and missed a big chance at 0-0 with miscontrolling the ball.

Willian- 3

Really struggled to get into the rhythm tonight, and was largely at fault for the first goal when he lost the ball to Naby Keita. Not an inspiring performance from the Brazilian, and missed a big chance at 0-0, miscontrolling the ball.

Tammy Abraham- 6

A decent performance from Tammy Abraham today, after coming on for Giroud fifteen minutes into the second half. Scored a tap in created by Christian Pulisic to spark some hope into the game, and had a lot more going forward than Olivier Giroud

Callum Hudson-Odoi- 6.5

A productive game for CHO today, coming off the bench to create a strong impact. Looked good going forward and possessed great pace when dribbling.

Christian Pulisic- 8.5

By far Chelsea’s MOTM, despite only playing around 30 minutes. Pulisic made an instant impact when he dribbled past 3 Liverpool defenders and squared it for Abraham to tap in. Pulisic then also received the ball in the box, turned on a sixpence and fired home for Chelsea’s third. Overall a very positive performance which sparked a comeback.

Emerson- 5

After coming on for Marcos Alonso, the Italian only played around seven minutes of football, so not a lot to judge him on. Wasn’t terrible going forward but not enough time to make an impact on the game.

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