Supporters and fans of Chelsea FC Women are spoiled for choice with many outstanding players to watch and admire. However, only a few of them stand out.

That’s why we have to talk about one that does. Fran Kirby.
She is the Chelsea player we all have come to love, both on and off the pitch. Fran Kirby is the footballer that taught us that it’s OK not to be OK.

Fran Kirby is the footballer that never seems to give up. Fran Kirby is the footballer we need to take a moment to worship.

And for this act – we need real ‘voices’. Let’s take a look at what the fans and supporters have to say about her. Why do they love her so much?

“Fran is honestly the kindest person I’ve ever met. She will always take time for the fans at the end of a game and never fails to make the younger ones smile. A very talented player and I can’t wait to see her back at her best and scoring again.”

“Incredible highs and lows that’s she has had to deal with. Fran is in her mid-twenties, and her life already resembles a book or film. But, through all this, she remains dignified, honest and continuously aware she is a role model for many, and I think she is wonderful.”

“I think she’s a very strong player mentally. She’s pulled through various experiences and has always given her best. I also love how open she is. She shares her experiences in a bid to encourage others, and I think that’s selfless and amazing.”

“Strong player mentally. Has overcome way more struggles than any other player but still, she keeps up the positive vibe. She is a humble person that wants to play for the team. Always wants to improve herself in any way possible.”

Technically she’s amazing. Quick feet and ability to finish from all angles. And her love for the game is clear for all to see. As a person, she has overcome many battles in her life but always looks like she has a big smile on her face. She is dedication, determination and desire.”

“My daughter is 13. Fran is her favourite player. She is small and skillful and as the smallest in her team take heart that it’s possible to be one of the best no matter your size. If she’s upset with a game or missed chance we use the phrase – What would Kirby do? Keep working…”

Fran Kirby’s personality sets her apart from the pack

Credit: 90min

Having accessible role models is great and can really help if people are struggling. Within this, our favourite football players are important to many of us. As Chelsea supporters and fans – we are lucky. We’ve got Super Fran. We’ve got Fran Kirby – and she is a blue!

It clearly makes us all super happy to see Fran Kirby back in training with the rest of the women’s team. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we can’t wait to see her in action for the season 2020/21. When we do get to see her on the pitch again, where she belongs, I can’t wait to hear the fans chant “Super Fran”.

Cover Image Credit: @WosoGraphics

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