Chelsea FC Women have reached 2 million followers on their Instagram account.

Together with FC Barcelona’s women’s team, Chelsea are now one of two most prominent women’s clubs in Europe on Instagram.

Chelsea FC Women!

On April 10th 2018 sports-journalist Chris McMullan wrote an article for Digital Sport with the headline saying: Chelsea are at the forefront of an exciting time for women’s football.

He was right about that in more than one way.

Chelsea FC Women ended up in winning the double in 2018 and the following season they reached UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-final where they suffered a bare loss to the French giants from Lyon. The Women’s Super League campaign 2018/19 was a disappointment, where the Blues ended up third in the table behind Arsenal and Manchester City, missing out on one of the desirable spots to get to play in the Champions League. But, Chelsea FC Women bounced back. 

Credit: WAGNH

We’ve all seen it during 2019/20, and the rest is history.

For the few remaining areas within football with potential to grow, women’s football still is one that snowballs, especially in the UK. The big Premier League clubs have started to put money in their women’s teams. With that being said, Chelsea FC Women can find themselves in the title race for being one of the biggest ’football team brands’ within social media.

They are up against their closest rivals in the UK; such as Arsenal, Manchester City, and Manchester United. But looking at Instagram interactions and the number of followers, it is only FC Barcelona’s women’s team that can show off 2 million, with Chelsea.

This compares favourably to the men’s side, that finds themselves in forth place among the ten biggest clubs in Europe when it came to social media followers. 

Clear strategies

The biggest clubs around Europe are emerging ’powerhouses’ of the women’s game in each country, merging their teams and their players on social media. Chelsea FC Women’s social media presence have increased rapidly in the last two years. They’re making high-quality content for their posts, and you can also start to notice that they have worked out a strategy for each channel.

What is also interesting is that UEFA ahead of the Women’s World Cup 2019 had worked out a communication strategy with a clear vision and mission saying:

Vision – A celebrated sport globally, where every women and girl can find a safe place to play.

Mission – To champion, innovate and accelerate women’s football for all!

In the professional leagues for women around the world and Europe we can see that those with the most pumped-up muscles financially are the ones that can go all-in; not just in social media, but also with merging their women’s teams. The amount of followers in each social media channel often reflects on a strategy in how to use them.

Chelsea FC Women today has 2.8 million followers on Facebook, 239,000 on Twitter and 2 million followers on Instagram. If you are a true Blue – follow the accounts and keep up with the growth of the Chelsea Women brand!

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