After three back to back wins against Aston Villa, Manchester City, and Leicester, we end our fourth with a 3-2 loss to West Ham. The same West Ham side that hasn’t scored any goals since the restart, yet managed to score three against us tonight.

Let’s take a look at the individual performances of the Chelsea team tonight.

Player Ratings:

Kepa Arrizabalaga 3/10 :

Absolutely woeful performance from the Chelsea goalkeeper. He had no positives during this game that I can speak of. The disallowed goal was a gift from heaven for Kepa and the team, but moments later we repeat nearly the same thing and concede. For the second goal, he couldn’t have done much more to save the bell – yet his initial positioning was questionable. For the third, no one expected him to save that but that in itself is a problem.

Antonio Rudiger 2/10 : 

Very bad performance from Rüdiger today. He was at fault for needlessly kicking the ball out of play for a corner, which West Ham used to score their first goal. For the second, he stood there marking no one as Antonio scored an easy tap in. The third goal was an utter disasterclass from the team as the fullbacks and Christensen were absent without leave. However, the way Rudiger allowed Yarmolenko to go on his preferred foot at such a nice angle was not acceptable. Only positives were a few decent long passes to the full backs.

Andreas Christensen 2.5/10:

Our other centre half had a similarly dreadful game. He was one of the main culprits for the second goal, and was missing for the game winner. In addition to that, he allowed Antonio to get behind him twice, watching the ball like it was a new bumper contract in the horizon. His performance against City and tonight’s performance were polar opposites, and he will not be happy with how he performed.

Marcos Alonso 3/10:

This was a bad performance from Alonso and showcased his weaknesses in defending. He was mostly at fault for the second goal and also for not being deep enough to track Yarmolenko for the third. Going up, he was quite slow on the ball but wasn’t as useless as some other players. 

Cesar Azpilicueta 3/10:

Similarly to his left sided counterpart, the captain had a bad performance. His unnecessary bickering in the box allowed West Ham to put one past the net, fortunately VAR showed us pity on that occasion. His performance tonight was an embarrassment for the Captain’s armband, both in the way he played and the way he acted as a leader. Let’s hope he learns from his mistakes for the weekend.

N’golo Kante 4/10:

Today was not a good day for the Frenchman, and his trademark smile was nowhere to be seen. He did not play particularly poorly or particularly well, but his short stature and inability to challenge for headers against larger players made him next useless defending set-pieces where West Ham’s giants would easily tower above him. He was less restricted in his movement today but that might have also decreased his effectiveness in breaking counter-attacking plays.

Mateo Kovacic 4.5/10:

He tried his best to build up the play and break up attacks, but this was a game where he couldn’t release the best of his abilities. Somewhat amusingly, Kovacic played a slightly deeper role than Kante this game which was good for controlling possession yet unsuccessful when West Ham regained the ball.

Ross Barkley 3.5/10:

To sum up Ross’s game, we can compare him to Ozil. He was nearly invisible the whole game and had one average shot at Fabianski. In our half, he marked well but that was pretty much it. In the opposition’s third, he was slow as usual and took too many touches on the ball. Compared to the rest of the team, Barkley contributed nothing but at least he didn’t defend like a blind snail. 

Christian Pulisic 7/10:

He was one of the two players who actually did their job tonight. He won us both the penalty and the free-kick and looked dangerous the entire game. His teammates in defense and the lack of finishing from the strikers must have him frustrated and furious. Watching Pulisic run at the defense and get into dangerous positions was one of the few eye-pleasing things tonight.

Tammy Abraham 3.5/10:

This was Tammy’s first start after the restart, and it was not a good showing from Chelsea’s number 9. He had a few decent chances from crosses and build-up, but failed to do anything with them. His movement today was all over the place and watching the missed chances was not a pleasant experience. Let’s hope that his goal-scoring form from before the outbreak will return soon.

Willian 7.5/10:

Willian made it extremely difficult for us to say goodbye to him this summer. He took the chances gifted to him by Pulisic and executed them perfectly. The penalty was excellent and the free-kick was mouth watering. A good performance in an otherwise disappointing team outing.


Olivier Giroud 4.5/10:

He came on perhaps a little too late, but his presence was more comforting than Tammy’s. Didn’t do much in his limited time but also didn’t do much wrong.

Missed a tough chance late on.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek 5/10:

Ruben looked a lot sharper than Barkley when he came on – and looked closer to his sterling beat than before. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an instant impact off the bench, but might be a good enough performance to start on the weekend.

Mason Mount 5/10:

Played a deeper role than he usually did but he wasn’t contributing to much going forward. A very average off the bench performance.

Home Truths

In conclusion, we need to recover for the game against Watford and be ready to pounce for the third place position. This showing was weak and the individual performances define the night. Chin up, let’s hope for a stern turnaround from the team.

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