The All Things Chelsea Team give their score predictions for today’s FA Cup Quarter Final against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium. Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

This new feature will see three of our team explain the thinking behind their predictions for the game, and let us know what they are looking out for in the game.

The Featured Three

Justin Shain (@jusshain): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

‘Despite the fact that Leicester City in their past two games have been lacking quality, their still one of the sharpest teams defensively and have serious threats going forwards. However, with the momentum that Chelsea are on right now I think will just be able to secure them a close win. It will be hard to break Leicester’s defence down but we have the quality to do so.’

Konark (@CFCKonark): Leicester 1-3 Chelsea

‘I think Chelsea will keep their good run of form going, gaining some more momentum against a rival in the top 4 race. Since this is the only possible trophy this season, I see Lampard going for it with a strong side. Meanwhile, Leicester have been in poor form since December and haven’t looked like their usual selves’

Nischal Schwager-Patel (@nischalsp): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET)

I’m feeling quite confident for our FA Cup tie, especially with our recent form. We put in a superb performance against Manchester City, a really excellent display. We’ve won both games since the restart, and with 4 straight wins I can see us making it 5 – albeit in what could be a tough game. Our last 3 meetings with Leicester have ended in a draw, so I think it will be tight at the King Power Stadium. I’m going for a 2–1 Chelsea win after extra time, and I’m pretty confident we’ll be going to Wembley once again.

Score Predictions

  • Enoch Eicher (@Thank_Lampard): Leicester 1-3 Chelsea
  • Jude Nicholls (@JudeeyBoii): Leicester 0-2 Chelsea
  • Manuel (@ManuelBlue): Leicester 1-3 Chelsea
  • Sam Tabuteau (@tabuteauS): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea
  • James (@FtblJames_): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea
  • Sam (@RudigerSZN): Leicester 0-2 Chelsea
  • Arctic Fox (@TheAfrolucy): Leicester 0-1 Chelsea
  • Adventures in Blue (@isoncfc): Leicester 0-3 Chelsea
  • Alex Huyberechts (@cfcalex98): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET)
  • Ameya (LampardsLegacy): Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

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