We are still stuck in this lockdown period, but Chelsea are keeping us entertained with their recent transfer rumours. Chelsea have nearly completed the signing of Timo Werner from RB Leipzig and they still have some business left to do. In recent days, rumours have really started to heat up about the possibility of signing Kai Havertz from Bayern Leverkusen for around 70 millions pounds. Chelsea also have eyes on a another young talent, the likes of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund. So in today’s piece I thought I would analyse each of these players and give my opinion on who will be the better signing for Chelsea.

Kai Havertz

Credit: Manuel

So let’s get started with Kai Havertz. This boy has managed to catch a lot of eyes this season with some exceptional performances. Kai Havertz has proved that he is an elite goal scorer, and you can say Chelsea have not had a goal-scoring midfielder since the departure of Frank Lampard. Last season, during the 18/19 season, Havertz dominated the Bundesliga managing to nab 17 goals, and no midfielder had scored more than him. This season he managed to score 11 goals in 26 appearances. He is known for making some fantastic movements inside the box, and you would see those sort off runs from world-class strikers, such as Aguero, Lewandowski etc. Havertz is a very intelligent player and can make runs behind the defenders without them even knowing it. His movement is quick and gives defenders very little time to close him down, while also creating a lot of space for himself and his teammates. 56 of his shots 89 shots have come from inside the box, and he scores most of his shots when he’s in the box. Another good asset of Kai Havertz is that he is versatile and can play multiple positions.

Credit: Manuel

Something else to admire about the young German is how good his movement is off the ball. He manages to find small pockets of space, not only whilst attacking, but when he’s pressing as well. As mentioned before, Havertz can play in several positions but his most effective position is right in the centre as an attacking mid in a 4-2-3-1 formation, which is what Bayern Leverkusen play most of the time. There are so many things you can admire about him, and his linkup play is a joy to watch as well. He makes a lot of key passes in the attacking third in order to set up his teammates. He made 1.18 key passes and 1.21 passes into the penalty area per 90 minutes, and completed 84% of his passes inside the opposition half. He can play out wide on the wing as well. He can use his quick and smooth dribbling skills to get past his opponents and make runs into those dangerous spaces in the final third. His 2.80 successful dribbles per 90 minutes is a testament to how dangerous he can be 1v1 against opposition fullbacks. This puts him into great positions to make a pass into the box or make a pass from the top of the box to incoming players. Excellent passing adds another layer to his game inside the attacking third. After looking at his qualities, there is no surprise why so many teams are after him, and currently Chelsea are really interested in signing him.

Jadon Sancho

Credit: Manuel

Moving onto another talent who has the set the Bundesliga on fire with his goals, assists, and some brilliant skill moves, it’s none another than Englishmen Jadon Sancho. He has managed to impress a lot of teams this season and is rumoured to make a move back to England. It could be either to Manchester United or Chelsea. Sancho has improved season after season with Dortmund and is becoming one of the best wingers in the world. He’s lightning fast, is very good at dribbling, and can beat his opponents in a 1v1 situation. He has been criticised for not being clinical in the final 3rd, but this season he has managed to improve massively in that area. He has been directly involved in 33 goals this season for Dortmund. He has managed to get 17 goals and 16 assists. Those stats are amazing for just a 20-year-old, and he will only get better. The reason Jadon Sancho would take Chelsea to another level is that Chelsea have not had a goal-scoring winger for a long time. Eden Hazard was the only one who was providing any type of threat from the flanks. If Chelsea were to sign Sancho, he could improve the front three massively. Creativity will not be an issue, as there will be a lot of players to help Jadon out and put him into those goal-scoring situations.

Credit: Manuel

Another factor which is good about Jadon Sancho is that he is very creative as well. He is able to find his teammates inside or on the edge of the box; he can also find his teammates in a pocket of spaces against more compact sides. Whilst he is very creative, Sancho is also efficient in his passing. He averages 56 passes a game with 84.59% completion. He is one of the most efficient passers amongst wingers in Europe. This is mostly due to Sancho having a wide range of passes in his locker.

Furthermore, Sancho is able to stretch his opponent’s defensive line thanks to his dribbling and movement. He is both a direct and skilful dribbler. Whilst exceeding in tight spaces as already mentioned, Sancho can also be very dynamic in his dribbling.

So Who Should Chelsea Buy?

Credit: Manuel

In my personal opinion, signing Havertz will benefit Chelsea more than signing Jadon Sancho. I say this first of all because Chelsea lack goals from midfield and Havertz can bring that to this Chelsea team and will link well with Werner, assuming he comes to Chelsea. He would link with Werner particularly well if Chelsea plays Werner as a second striker. Second of all, Havertz is very good in the air. We haven’t seen Chelsea score headers for ages now. As an attacking midfielder, we have seen the effect Havertz has had with Leverkusen and that is his best position. Not only that, but he is very versatile and can play in different positions if the gaffer needs him to. Either way, I would be happy if Chelsea manage to get either of them. Both of them could improve Chelsea massively, both of them are extremely talented, and you can see why there are reasons so many top teams in Europe want them.


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