Jorginho is a physically lean footballer by nature and has a distinctive quality that could be world-class if well managed. To be discussed in this article are three crucial matches of his season, his moment of the season and where he can improve.

Credit: Manuel

The stats listed below divulge some special qualities of Jorginho. For instance, the successful pass rate and number of touches insinuate high technique, vision and ball control. He is a deceptive and accurate penalty taker, and also gifted with the mental capabilities to interpret a match. Attributes like anticipating opposition (his high interceptions), deciding his play, having a full view of the pitch in his head (vision) and remaining composed under pressure are all what makes him a smart and intelligent player.

Credit: Manuel

However, poor numbers in duels won/aerials won reveal a flaw of his game as a defensive player. His unathletic physique and inability to leap off the ground makes him vulnerable to losing the battle in air. But when looking at the statistics of these three standout performances, Jorginho’s overall quality often makes up for a lack of physicality.

Stats Reflecting His Attributes

Home: Ajaz 4 – 4

  • He partnered with Kovacic in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
  • Converted two PKs under pressure.
  • Spent most time on ball (7.8 %)
  • Passes: 56/61 (92% accuracy)
  • Passes into the final third: 12
  • Touches: 78 (Highest of all Chelsea players)
  • Shots: 4 (50% success rate)
  • Tackles: 7 (Contributed 39% of overall Chelsea’s tackles)
  • Interceptions: 2 (Contributed 20% of overall Chelsea’s interceptions)
  • Blocks: 1 (Contributed 20% of overall Chelsea’s blocked shots)
  • Recoveries: 9

Home: Tottenham 2 – 1

  • Tackles: 4 (75% success rate)
  • Aerials attempted: 2 (50% success rate)
  • Duels attempted: 15 (66.6% success rate)
  • Clearance: 1
  • Interception: 3
  • Recoveries: 12
  • Passes: 70 (89% success rate)
  • Passes into the final third: 14
  • Long ball: 5

Away: Arsenal 1 – 2

  • Played only 56 minutes
  • Duels attempted: 9 (33% success rate)
  • Touches: 68
  • Interception: 6 (Highest of all players on the pitch)
  • Recoveries: 8
  • Passes: 54 (89% success rate)
  • Passes into the final third: 18
  • Long ball: 5
  • Goals: 1

Moment of the Season

Credit: Manuel

Jorginho’s moment of the season was being named the Club’s vice-captain after getting booed off by the fans earlier in the year. He was expected to follow Sarri’s path to leave the club but his commanding presence and performances under Lampard earned him massive praise and the Club’s vice-captain position.

Areas to Improve

Credit: Manuel

I believe Jorginho needs to improve in the following departments:

Pace and Acceleration: Pace is a player’s top speed while Acceleration is how quickly a player can reach his top speed (Pace). Although it’s not an important attribute for defensive midfielders, but for a player like Jorginho who does most of his defending in the opposition half, he surely needs it.

Strength: Show me a CDM without strength and I’ll show you Jorginho. Strength is the quality of being physically strong; it is a requirement for any Premier League player.

Marking: It’s a defensive strategy which aims to prevent an opponent from taking control of the ball. Getting tons of yellow cards every season is due to poor marking, and Jorginho needs to be better in this aspect.

Credit: Manuel

In conclusion, Jorginho, according to stats, has had a decent and much improved 2019/20 campaign compared to his debut season. His appearance isn’t that of an athlete; he is one of those players enriched with special qualities, but also needs a special tactic to get the best out of them.

Edited by: Dan

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