At the start of the season, if you had told Chelsea fans that Lampard will replace Emerson next season, people would think you were joking. That was the type of impact that the full back had in the first six games of the season. However, things didn’t look bright for the left back as he was subbed in the 15th minute at home to Liverpool following a potential hamstring injury, and it turned out to be a sign for things to come for Emerson’s career as a Chelsea player. In this player profile, we take a look at Emerson Palmeri and his season in brief.

Performances – 19/20

Credit: Manuel

Emerson had a bright start to 2019 as he broke his way into ex-Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri’s squad as late as January 2019, when he played his first full 90 minute premier league game for the Blues that season. Emerson started 8 of the 15 games after that, and fans were excited to see Emerson in the line up, who had given them glimpses of what he is capable of until then in the Carabao cup. However, the full back was never able to break into the team inspite of his performances, which left fans frustrated as Marcos Alonso kept racking up some very poor performances during this time. The full back had a good end to the 18/19 season as he picked up an assist in the Europa league final and ended the season on a high.

Credit: Manuel

Fast forward to the current season: Emerson was by far the better full back in pre-season and Frank Lampard was not late to notice this, as Emerson started 5 out of the first 6 games in the season. The fullback looked sharp and ready to take on the role as starting left back as he put up some impressive performances during this time. Post his hamstring injury, the full back looked but a shadow of his former self as he only managed to start 12 out of the 22 games played in all competitions, as team mates Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta replaced him in the starting XI.

As seen in the chart above, Emerson’s metrics are on par with some of the top full backs in the league, as highlighted by his abilities to intercept balls and create chances for his team mates. I admire Emerson as a full back, who is an example of a modern day fullback, albeit with some weaknesses as well. However, his qualities are not fully reflected because he does have a hard time recovering back from lost form or injuries, which occurred during his time at Roma as well. The fullback had a torrid time post his injury woes and this has seen him go out of favour in Frank Lampard’s starting XI.

The Future

Credit: Manuel

Frank Lampard has made his thoughts quite clear in the full back department as he looks at his options in the transfer market with the likes of Ben Chilwell and Alex Telles, both rumoured to be the replacements for Emerson. Does this signal the end for Emerson? Nobody can be entirely sure as the corona virus pandemic has had its implications in the financial side of football. Juventus are reportedly interested in acquiring the full back as well, but nothing is set in motion. As a Chelsea fan, I want Emerson to be successful and i believe he can replicate the form he lost as long as he stays fit. Emerson’s metrics are very good and he has been in ‘The best left backs in the league’ conversation multiple times in 2019. However, the future as a Blue is still bleak for the left back right now.

Do you think Emerson deserves another opportunity in the upcoming season? Let me know your thoughts. Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

Edited by: Dan

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