“The WSL is the best league in Europe,” Kerr said in a statement. “I want team success and I don’t want it to come easy. I feel Chelsea have been building something special over the years and I want to be a part of that – I want to lift some trophies.”

Who is she?

Kerr was born in East Fremantle, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. She was born to an Anglo-Indian father and an Australian mother, both of whom were atheletes. As a young child, Kerr played Australian rules football until switching to soccer at the age of 12, due in large part to gender restrictions. Despite facing some struggles transitioning from Australian rules football to soccer, at age 13, she was spotted by Perth Glory striker Bobby Despotovski who described her athleticism and raw talent as “exceptional.” At age 15 she made her W-League and international debuts.

How has she played?

Kerr is the only Australian player to score a hattrick in a World Cup when she scored 4 goals against Jamaica. Kerr scored a record 19 goals in 23 games to secure a third-consecutive golden boot in the NSWL in the 18/19 season, and a total of 49 goals in 81 games in the NSWL. This was despite being absent for part of the season because of that summer’s World Cup. Over in Australia, she scored 98 goals in in 135 games, cementing herself on top of the all time scoring charts.

What has she won?

She had twice won the W-League and won the NSWL Shield once. More recently she won the FA Womens League Cup with Chelsea. On the international stage, she has won the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, AFF U-16 Women’s Championship, Tournament of Nations and the Cup of Nations. She has received numerous individual honours, along with being nominated for the Ballan D’Or.

Credit: Manuel

What is her playing style?

Kerr is a predator in the penalty area who is characterised by her exceptional lethality and positioning. The Australian forward excels in one v. one situations and often gets the better of goalkeepers when through on goal. Although she is a traditional number nine, Kerr’s preference to drop deep into midfield and link up play creates space for her team. This drags players out of position allowing her teammates to exploit the spaces in behind. The best way to characterise Kerr’s role is that of a deep-lying, complete centre-forward. This type of forward is an archetype of an all-round goal-scoring striker. She is often seen dropping into midfield, laying off possession to her midfield whilst the wingers are seen running in behind the opposition full-backs. While we will explore her link-up play in more detail later on, it plays an important part in the build-up that places her in excellent goal-scoring positions. Kerr’s ball-playing abilities have been clearly defined; however, another added trait that deserves a mention is her astute dribbling ability. Her intelligent runs both on and off the ball place her in good goal scoring positions. During the build-up phase, Kerr’s movement and body positioning off the ball determines the outcome of the attacking move. She is perhaps the most well rounded attacker that Chelsea have, and certainly is their Marquee Player.

Credit: Manuel

Edited by: Dan

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