Life without football isn’t the same. Without Chelsea Football Club, a part of my life is missing. As a huge sports fan, living in the moment of a match is something I yearn for everyday. Taking away one sport is one thing, but taking away sports in general has taken its toll on me. The current pandemic has impacted every single life on the planet, and will continue to do so for quite a while. Things were different last year though, not just in terms of globally, but individually. During this time last year, I was in the middle of my college midterms and was actually getting acclimated to football twitter. Twitter was a good platform on getting inside Chelsea news and I started to make good relationships with fellow twitter accounts that would later become close friends. Reminiscing the old times is a constant routine for my quarantine schedule. It brings back good memories, but also the bad.

Waking up on the weekends without any football still stings, and four weeks has already passed.  Realizing that the current situation was no joke hit me when my cousin was diagnosed with the virus a week ago. He has thankfully recovered, but his diagnosis reminded me that this is no laughing matter, and we must all follow quarantine protocols. This has also allowed me to interact with more people on twitter, and to appreciate the little things in life. Remembering what match day feels like is starting to slip away, and it’s getting harder to cope with the current circumstances. Thankfully reruns of past games are airing every weekend. If that hasn’t satisfied my Chelsea urges, then I go on YouTube for highlights and look at sweet memories of our past achievements. One of the things that has me hooked on Twitter is the constant rumors and news on potential transfers.  Each day there are new reports or stories on football, so staying on track with them is another way to keep me engaged.

Credit: Kristen

My fellow friends on twitter and in real life also help ease the tension that’s around me. New York is one of the main cities currently strongly affected by the pandemic. Reading the tweets from my friends keeps me in high spirits, especially knowing their tweets are nothing short of entertainment. From the controversial yet accurate videos by Matisse to the entertaining debates of Oscar, twitter feed never disappoints. The masterly skillful edits of Kristen and amazing threads from Miz pushes me to improve the content I put out. From the trolls to the amazing tactical experts, twitter brings a different type of amusement and leisure.

Life before quarantine was quite peaceful and relaxing. I would normally wake up at 6 a.m. to go to my job, and if it was match day, then I would catch the game on my phone, especially if a weekday match. If I’m lucky to be at home, I would more than likely go the bar across the street early Saturday mornings to join the football fan crew. Cooking a homemade breakfast at home was also a recurring option for games that were designated on Sunday mornings. Now, everyday seems the same and actually kind of hard to know what day of the week it is.

The first thing I do when I wake up during this worrying time is respond to any DMs and check for any updated football news. I always have the feeling of eagerness as blockbusting news could appear in my notifications early in the morning. My next step is to retweet my fellow All Things Chelsea articles and read them later during breakfast. I get up from bed, practice my martial arts training in my backyard or jog around the block to stay fit and healthy, followed by another refreshment of football twitter. If the news is not pleasing, then I just go to FIFA career mode and buy the players we all want there. Ha, no, that’s a joke, but sometimes news can be disappointing, especially if your certain club is linked to players you don’t want at the club. Keeping my expectations at bay is another method of making sure I am not completed guttered when checking the news. A bunch of new rumors surface everyday on social media and are more than likely are old or fake news. The feeling of yelling at my television to actually wanting to turn on my TV is astonishing. We’re more than likely going to have to wait a couple more months before football can return, and in the meantime have to rely on daily rumors.

Credit: Kristen

Stepping outside into the streets and seeing everyone with face masks and gloves speaks volumes, especially when going to work. Working limited hours has made me realize that football is truly special and not having the ability to play with friends in the local park is depressing. The empty streets of Times Square says it all, whereas before the bright lights of the inner city illuminated the sky.  The Empire State Building antenna lights used to change daily depending on what New York sports team would win, but now it is constantly red to remind the population to stay in doors. Roaming the Brooklyn bars during matchday early in the morning was exciting and thrilling, but knowing that it’ll be quite a while for that to happen again is quite disheartening to say the least. The screams of excitement and disappointment of the game would echo throughout the bar (pub), and getting caught in the moment is what it is all about. Whether it’s sharing a drink with a rival fan or a fellow Chelsea fan while enjoying that moment always brings a smile to my face. Now I have to struggle getting beer in the house due to the huge demand for alcohol in all stores. Opening up a cold one while watching YouTube isn’t quite the same as drinking one on match day, especially during Champions League. Now I have to settle on twitter debacles and constant rumors on Chelsea targets. Once Football does return, though, I will be ready in my seat, holding either a cup of joe or a beer; one ready to scream at the Television or the guy next me at the bar.

Edited by: Dan

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