Chelsea’s form in 2020 has been incredibly inconsistent and as a result of that, there has been a dramatic increase of #LampardOut on the timelines of Chelsea fans on Football Twitter (FT).

Intriguingly, fans that were “Pro-Sarri” last season are quite similar to the ones producing tweets with this hashtag in terms of the tactics used to spread their propaganda. These specific fans think that Frank has not performed up to expectations this season with the limited resources that were provided.

So on that basis, the question I want to explore is why do these fans desperately want Lampard to be given the sack?

The main arguments that I have personally seen in football twitter for the sacking of Lampard are his in-game tactics and the universally accepted fact that we have lost many games we definitely should have won. Two such examples of these arguments are shown below.

As mentioned by the person above, the squad is good enough to beat Southampton, West Ham, and Bournemouth. However, if that’s the case, why did we lose to them? The fans have a right to be angry at the losses we have sustained this season, but unlike most, the #LampardOut supporters direct their anger toward the manager. The thought is that this Chelsea team can easily beat these teams if they had a better manager, but what else could Frank have done to win these games?

For example, during the 1-0 loss versus Bournemouth, Lampard played the following line up against them:

Most would agree that this team should be able to beat a weak Bournemouth side that were on a losing streak, but in true Chelsea fashion, that of course never happened. Without looking at any other aspects of the game, it would be too easy to claim that Lampard simply did not give the players enough tactical methods or training to beat the opposition. However, a simple glance at the match statistics tells another story.

Credit: Kristen

During that game, Bournemouth managed a mere two shots on target and 11 total shots with them only having 33% of the possession. In contrast, Chelsea took 18 shots, five of which were on target.

This is where one of Chelsea’s major flaws of the 19/20 season kicks in – finishing. 

The same story is told in nearly every game Chelsea have played this season win, loss or draw. They have numerous chances up front and numerous shots placed, but can’t seem to get the ball in the back of the net as they should by principle. 

Let me ask you this #LampardOut supporters, is it Frank’s fault for the players not being able to finish or is it the players themselves? 

It’s obvious to me that a manager can only do so much to orchestrate during a match when it comes to the rapid plays in the final third. During this crucial phase in a game, it is the player’s job to get that ball into the net, not the manager’s. 

It’s clear as day now that most top-flight teams have one or two stellar attackers who consistently score and assist, day in day out, but people are now being forced to realise that after the departure of Eden Hazard, Chelsea simply don’t have that crucial player anymore. 

Secondly, I want to point to the fact that Chelsea’s poor play in the final third and defending at the back can be very nervy at times. 

For me, the reason for this is because Chelsea have lacked a true experienced and intelligent defender ever since John Terry retired. Chelsea’s main central defenders at the moment were built and developed by Antonio Conte – excellent players on the ball, but with holes in their ability when it comes to proper defending.

Antonio Rudiger is the perfect example of a defender who is generally good on the ball but lacks the knowledge and experience of a player like Virgil Van Dijk or John Terry. This lack of experience and perception of play greatly affects our set-piece defending.

Until next season, a problem like this is very difficult for Lampard to solve on his own with no transfer window to engage in. 

Despite this fault in the team, Chelsea have started to show signs of confident defending against teams like Liverpool and Tottenham and most recently Everton. 

When it comes to actually solving these problems, most people’s reaction is to take a swipe at the board. It is almost solely their job to sign the players the manager has put forth in a list and they have to be at their best to complete this task. 

I believe Lampard has absolutely zero of the blame for Chelsea’s January transfer window. He made it very clear that he understands it’s January, but he also made it clear that a top four finish is not guaranteed without the crucial players he needs to reinforce his side. 

During an interview nearing the end of the winter window, he said, “Let’s not forget it’s a difficult window. I get that and probably for sure, the fact we missed the last window made it a bit more crucial for us”. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, Lampard made it clear to the board that he needed players during January and that the squad was simply not good enough to consistently compete at the highest level.

To conclude, I want to ask a very important question to all Chelsea fans … What were your realistic expectations for this season before the season kicked off? 

If you thought we would be in the top four for over three quarters of the season and to reach the knockouts of the Champions League all without Hazard or any fresh signings, realize that no club can be at the top forever.

The fans MUST back Frank Lampard and give him our full trust for the future of Chelsea Football Club.

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