A man named Thomas came across a snake during his usual clean up, for the safety of his family – he cut the snake into two, believing it was fully dead – and put it in a vase but the snake was half-dead. 45 minutes later he went there, dipped his hand into the vase to pick the snake up. The half-dead snake bit him and he was rushed to nearby hospital, placed on a two-day intensive care.

We were Mr Thomas, Bournemouth was the half-dead snake – the intensive care we were rushed to was Alonso saving us a point. We might have died – Lost the match.

A half-dead snake is more poisonous than a healthy snake – a theory Chelsea couldn’t understand. We were 1-0 up, had several chances to kill the game – Giroud, Barkley, Mount had their share. We switched our passing directness to short – perhaps to enjoy football! Or to control the game, little did we know we were playing with a half-wounded snake.

The first careful point we need to note is every player on the pitch are professional – they are paid to win, the fans, coaches, boards are expecting them to justify their contract figure. Because you’re Chelsea and you’re leading 1-0 doesn’t give them the reason to respect you! They are there to show you they can be better – people expect you to prove your standard every game, what you did last gameweek doesn’t make you win this week. It’s a wonder these principles are blur to our dear players.

Credit: Kristen

Secondly, when you’re away from home, the match carries a special difficulty on its own. You’re playing in a stadium full of opposition cheers. Regardless of your skillfull braggadocio they are ready to boo you if you lose the match because its their home. A reasonable number needed for one to seal an away match is 3 goals front, while still keep pushing – isn’t it funny we wanted to kill an away match with a goal.

Frank Lampard: “We created enough chances to take all three points but we didn’t take those chances. When you’re winning 1-0 and you’re on top, you must take your chances because otherwise you are leaving the opposition still in game.

I have nothing more to say.

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