Under Maurizio Sarri, one could arguably say we saw a limited version of Jorginho. Although he was allocated the dictatorship role, it was in a structured organization, thus limiting attempted long balls only in certain situations.

Let’s delve deep into what makes up Jorginho. Unlike his debut season at Chelsea, he has had full freedom with Lampard; he can dictate play and pass long or short anytime.


One of Jorginho’s biggest attributes is his ability to plan and outsmart his marker. Usually, he will scan his surrounding in order to read the status of his markers, and to check the best possible passing options around him.

Credit: CFCVideos

This illustrates ultimate anticipation and decision making, as he does this by having the complete overview of his surroundings in his head through scanning. He then evaluates his options and decides the best play. This is a trait that allows him to deal with pressure perfectly.


Jorginho’s most apparent trait is vision and high technique, best exemplified by his passing, first touch etc. His ability to spot an opening OR a free teammate in space is one of the best on planet.

Credit: CFCVideos

Coupled with his high passing skill, he can pick out a pass to a player out of sight. He holds the record for the most completed passes (167) in a single Premier League match.


The final aspect of Jorginho’s great abilities is composure, which makes him nearly impossible to submerge under pressure. He could carry out his task calmly even under pressure, thus making him a BIG GAME PLAYER!

Credit: CFCVideos

His calm and stable demeanor also are the aiding factors behind his accurate penalty taking- irrespective of the crowd, the pressure, the scenario, it’s always HOP-SKIP AND SHOOT!

Jorginho is gifted with numerous qualities but the aforementioned three influence his game a lot. He is a versatile player, has ability to break down possession and has decent ball-winning abilities. Adding in being such accurate penalty taker, it’s easy to conclude that he is a wonderful player!

3 thoughts on “Jorginho: Player traits and ability analysis

  1. Beautiful piece, sir.
    Simple and precise.
    One more thing: Jorginho is willing to improve and that trait helps him as a leader on and off the field of play

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tubenzene.
      Couldn’t agree more on his willingness to improve, it also helped him in his adaptation to play for a different manager apart from Sarri.


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