Reporter: Firstly what did you make of the game tonight?

Gaurav: It was a bad result and the ramifications mean we’re just hanging on to top four. We knew it was going to be tough against United but we let them get in between our lines and score easily once again. The problem with us this season is at the back, Lampard needs to address our defending if we are to win games. United scored far too comfortably.

Reporter: Many fans feel VAR was to blame mainly for the result what is your view?

Guarav: With VAR it can go either way. But there was clearly a push by Azpilicueta for Zouma’s header, which was so unnecessary and something he could have easily avoided and Giroud was marginally offside so we can’t complain. VAR checked it and ruled it out. We just have to deal with it. However, the Maguire kick out was a definite red. It doesn’t matter how hard he kicked out at Batshuayi, the point is that he kicked out, so it should’ve been a red. VAR should’ve sent him off, no question.

Reporter: Do you think the injuries suffered beforehand had a mental effect on the team?

Guarav: Tammy not being available was a huge blow for us. Callum as well. I’m not sure whether it would mentally affect the squad because it meant other members of the squad would need to raise the level of their games. Going into a game without your top scorer is a definite concern but United were without Rashford as well and Martial stepped up when needed, while Batshuayi bottled it.

Reporter: The shot conversation rate was shocking to say the least? Do you regret not having a striker come in during January?

Guarav: Yes, our attack and in particular our conversion rate for the chances we created was shockingly poor. Not signing another striker in January cost us dearly against United. Batshuayi missed some clear-cut chances and if we had someone else up front who was more clinical, we could have won the game.

Reporter: What does this mean for the Top 5 race? Are you concerned?

Gaurav: Yes, I’m quite concerned now. Both Spurs and United have caught up to us in the table. Every game from now till the end of the season is crucial and we must approach each game with the view of keeping ourselves safely in the top four or five. It’s do or die for the last 12 fixtures and it’s the business end of the season so we better perform well and grind out results or we’ll slip behind in the race for top five.

Reporter: Do you feel it was the right decision to play Caballero over Kepa?

Gaurav: Yes, it was right by Lampard to continue to play Cabllero instead of Kepa because the young Spaniard was struggling for form and had poor performances going into the game. Kepa needs to step up and make himself counted and earn his spot in the team. He needs to improve many aspects of his game which Lampard knows too, so it was the right decision.

Reporter: Which players in the current squad would you ship out in the summer?

Gaurav: Batshuayi definitely. He’s deadwood and far too wasteful and needs to be sold. Pedro, who is a spent force and Ziyech is coming in anyway. Emerson and Alonso. And hopefully, we sign a top left-back. Giroud has barely played so I’m guessing he’ll be sold as well. We should look at a quality back-up striker and Sancho or Werner coming in. That’s about it.

Reporter: Finally, do you see the team bouncing back from this in the next game?

Guarav: They have to. The Spurs game is even more crucial now. The team have to get a telling result against Spurs if we are to keep our top four or five hopes alive.

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