You can say I’m cynical. You can say I’m negative. But most of what I’m about to say is fact.

Everything about this season has either been totally confusing or just plain random. Last season, defense was lauded as a strength with Maurizio Sarri. This season, it is a leaky weakness that began without Rudiger and no David Luiz. To start, Kurt Zouma and Andreas Christensen looked like they’d never played at the back before. Then Fikayo Tomori steps in and suddenly he and Zouma play like Jaap Stam and Paolo Maldini. All is well until Kepa assumes the identity of Swiss cheese and carries on like prime Loris Karius. Midfield was a strength, with Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic, two players, out-possessing entire teams themselves. Then N’golo Kante draws in after a long spell out and totally ruins the team chemistry, which culminated in a nuclear disaster against Arsenal. Quite honestly, everything Frank has built so far must be started again considering the current state of the on-and-off the pitch performances. Let’s address one thing at a time, yes?

Without Tammy Abraham, this club would likely be dusted at this point of the season. He’s got all the goals, with Pulisic and Mount mustering 5 each. 5 is actually not a bad figure for them, but it’s bad overall because nobody else is scoring goals. Rudiger pulled 2 out of thin air against Leicester (courtesy of Mason Mount) which is already nearly half of the goal tally for the second-most-scored on the team. Lampard clamored for a striker for months, week in and week out. He got nothing. However, Lampard did nothing to help himself. Amidst Olivier Giroud transfer rumors, Giroud got nowhere near a sniff of the pitch to even audition for a transfer. Since he’s not playing anyways, why not sell him? Selling him would have at least given some extra gusto to make a transfer. To keep him for depth and not even make the rotation is absolutely bonkers and terrible business too. With Batshuayi looking all the part of a nothing player, Giroud must get on the pitch and in a hurry.

Next up, we have the gaffer. This season, Frank has showed his inexperience. Aside from out dueling Jose Mourinho in the early onset of his Spurs career, Frank has been grasping at straws tactically and with selection. Results against West Ham, Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Arsenal, Brighton, Newcastle, Everton and Southampton are shocking and totally unacceptable. Even in a transition-or whatever you want to call it-we’re playing against small clubs (with the exception of Arsenal with supposed world class talents). It certainly doesn’t look it. Play a low block and park it against Chelsea, and you’re guaranteed a point at least. Also, Chelsea have had 21 league points in 15 games since the beginning of November. Jody Morris mocked Jose Mourinho’s concerns on Twitter, and proceeded to block fans of Jose and Chelsea on Twitter. He’s had a laugh, because 21 out of 15 is 1.4 points per game. Applied over a 38-game season, we’d acquire a mere 53 points. After Leicester, we sit at 41. At this rate, with 13 games left, don’t expect a lot of winning through May. There are no longer any standards at this club. You’ve got a bang-average midfielder (who was also youth coach at this club) piping up again with the big boys, who thought it was cool to go on and dismiss a club legend. Then, you’ve got another club legend as head manager who couldn’t make it more obvious he wanted transfer help. Which one got attention from the club? They tell Jody to pipe down on Twitter but are silent as a mouse to Frank (who seemed to not have a clue about anything going on besides what he does in training). And lastly, Hilario: We all know he doesn’t have a clue either about what’s gone on upstairs or down on the pitch. He’s overseen Kepa’s day and night decline into anonymity. Consequently, Frank doesn’t want Kepa anymore and Marina won’t sell him for a loss of money. Choose your fighter.

Marina has a lot of nerve to butt in about transfers. She’s done nothing but bad business quite honestly. And when she’s not doing business, I can’t imagine what else she’s doing but it definitely isn’t relevant to the club. Chelsea fought in court and “categorically denied” any wrongdoing to remove their ban. We served one window and got allowed into the next one with a good amount of notice. Who did we sign? I can say who we sold, though. Genuinely, why appeal a transfer ban if you’re not going to sign anyone? It boggles my mind. Not one person on that board had any sort of semblance of a plan, idea or anything. It was a waste of time for the club and ultimately disrespectful to the fans who are dying to see a competitive Chelsea with Champion’s League-winning quality football. Now because of the large disconnect between the team and the board, we might not see Champion’s League football next year. We are in shambles.

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