1) What did you make of Frank’s abrupt press conference?

We can obviously see his frustration about the lack of transfers in the January transfer window. It was crucial for the club to back the manager in order to help us achieve top 4. They failed to back him and he has every right to be frustrated. Lampard still Handled the press conference very maturely.

2) How do you feel about the lack of incoming transfers this month?

It felt like we still had a transfer ban, we knew how crucial it was for Chelsea to improve especially in terms of forwards. It was a chance to add quality to the squad in order to solidify our top 4 spot. That clearly didn’t happen and it is very disappointing. You would think the club would back the manager and learn from their mistakes in the past.

3) What do you make of the Lamptey transfer to Brighton?

It was surprising, to be honest, he made his debut against Arsenal at the Emirates and he absolutely bossed it that game. So it came to me as a bit of surprise but it’s clear to see he wanted game time and Chelsea could not guarantee that. I wish him all the best for the future.

4) So, for tomorrow’s game against Leicester. Who would you start up front, if Tammy is guaranteed to be out of connection?

If Tammy is not available I would love to give Giroud a chance to prove himself. He has not been in Lampards plan this season but since he could not be sold it would be a good time to give a chance. He can add something different to the team that Michy Batshuayi can’t. If Lampard decides to start him, Chelsea would have a very good chance of getting something out of the game.

5) What are your thoughts on the recent performances of Kepa, Emerson, and Mount, who have come under some criticism?

I understand the criticism that Kepa and Emerson have received as they simply have not been good enough. Kepa needs to improve if he wants to be at Chelsea in the future. Although Emerson has been very poor, he would still be our best option at LB. I don’t understand the criticism about the mount, he’s a young lad who’s playing his first-ever season in the Premier League. We can all see his talent and he needs times and he will improve as I have no doubt about that. Some of the criticism Mason has received is not justified.

6) With the dangers Leicester pose, which defenders would you select for the match?

My two centre halves would be Tomori and Christensen. As they will be vital in order to stop Jamie Vardy. Full backs would be Reece James if he’s fully fit as we need his creativity and he will cause Leicester a lot of trouble. Emerson at Lb as he can do a job at Lb even though he’s had a couple of poor performances lately.

7) Are you confident about the impacts Pulisic and RLC could bring to this team once fit?

I’m a huge fan of Loftus cheek and it won’t be easy for him as he’s just come back from a big injury. It will take time for him to adjust and I don’t expect anything special from him when he returns because the injury he suffered was horrible and players tend to take time to adjust once they’re back. Pulisic would help in terms of driving the ball forward and going past players. But his final ball is still a huge part of his game which he has to improve. So we will see what kind of impact Ruben and Pulisic will have once they’re back.

8) And Finally, can you tell us your lineup for the game.

My starting eleven would be: Kepa, Tomori, Christensen, Emerson, Kovacic, Kante, Mason Mount, Hudson Odoi, Giroud, Willian

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