With Hull City upcoming, a chance for rotation beacons. Would you start the likes of Cumming and Lamptey in this game?

Jon: I’d certainly like to see Cumming and Lamptey, especially with Reece James hobbled although I believe Frank is more keen to hand Caballero some time instead. I hope Cumming does not turn into a Bulka situation where he does well and then is sold off to be replaced. I’d also like to see Billy Gilmour get some minutes with the midfield in shambles lately.

The lack of squad depth in certain areas is quite alarming. Are you confident that the likes of Alonso and Pedro can step up?

Jon: Alonso has done a job in a back 5, so I won’t totally count him out, but Pedro has hardly played and when he has he’s been totally ineffective. I think our depth is in real trouble for this stretch to end the season.

With Batshuayi or Giroud likely to feature to Tammy’s injury which player do you feel can have a bigger impact?

Jon: For me I’d like to see Giroud, but he hasn’t played in ages it feels like and I know Michy is at least fit. Michy should be playing with added motivation with the realisation that his Chelsea career is a hair away from crashing to a halt. I think he could offer more right now.

Is there any player in particular you would promote into this game that we haven’t seen much of?

Jon: Like I mentioned earlier, we haven’t seen much of Gilmour and none of Cumming so I’d like to see if they can give us some fresh legs and a decent performance.

With the Cavani deal looking unlikely. What would be your approach on dealing with Lyon for Dembele?

Jon: I think for Dembele it should be all hands on deck to seal this one, but he’s nowhere nears my top choice to sign. At this rate we might not have a choice with Tammy injured, Giroud MIA and Michy looking like prime Morata

Is progress in this competition a priority for you?

Jon: I’d like to see us really focus on top four, but winning this trophy would be pretty nice too although I’d prefer sustainable UCL football.

Influential personalities in the football world have called for the scraping of FA Cup Replays. What are your thoughts on this?

Jon: I agree, it’s more time players have to get injured, in that context. I think extra time and PKs will do.

What do you make of the new announced sponsor ‘three’ from a style perspective and do you think it’s an eye sore? haha

Jon: When they announced 3 signings that’s not what I was expecting. It’s cool I guess, it’s not terrible, but the timing couldn’t have been more miserable in my opinion

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