On December 6, 2019, all Chelsea fans received one of the best news of the year: The transfer ban was lifted.

CAS had lifted the transfer ban imposed by FIFA and we obtained the long-awaited green light to sign players again.

It should be noted that the transfer ban has turned out to be a blessing since Frank Lampard could not sign anyone last summer and was forced to bring loaned players and youngsters from our academy back to the club.

With the academy players that we all wanted to see already settled in the squad, the long-awaited winter market arrived and we can once again compete against the “Big boys” of Europe to try and add quality & talent to our current squad.

That said, many of us had forgotten how calm we all were with the transfer ban being active. Now that it has been lifted we have relived the same episodes from yesteryear: rumours, gossips, false news/links by the well-known media-reporters and what is worse … Attention seekers on Twitter.

It is quite shocking for me to see how the 50% of the Chelsea Twitter accounts are aware of legitimate information and have several sources nearby that filter information to them for… no reason!

Someof you may be reading this and think: “What are you on about?”, “You do the same thing”. If you don´t know me from before all I can say is: I understand you.

At the end of the day, I´m only a normal Chelsea fan, just like you! I can’t do anything to change that and, above all, I can’t blame you for thinking like that (if you do).

These days, on a platform like Twitter, it is literally impossible to trust anyone you don’t know from before or who doesn’t have a good reference for knowing things that have really been legitimate.

For this reason, I will not waste time and I will try to make you a guide to deal with the chaos of the transfer market and give you a couple of tips on how to verify if a story is true or not.

  1. First of all, you should take with tweezers any “Breaking News” that you can read related to the club and that is not an official announcement.
  2. Once you read something that has caught your attention, you should check if the content of that post refers to any specific media or account @XXXXXXX
  3. In the case that there is a reference to the original news, the next step would be to analyze the original source and see if it is a reliable source (for having been successful in the past continuously) or otherwise, you can directly discard it.
  4. Ok, let’s say that we have found a supposedly “reliable” source and he assures us that it is only a matter of time until “X” player signs for the club and in this case, no reference is made to any other account or media.

Before getting excited, you should Google-it, check internet or a reliable media to see if at least they have also echoed the rumour. If not, you would do well to distrust it.

On the other hand, it is also possible that we already know a twitter account that is usually reliable and usually gives accurate information, because they do exist. But, does this mean that everything these accounts say will 100% happen? Well… no, not at all!

None of these accounts (in which I include myself) work for the club but in one way or another, we are all lucky to meet someone who really knows what is happening.

Even so, all the topics that have to do with football are a roller coaster and a minimal disagreement between a player and the board can make the end of a story totally different and even more so when we talk about transfers.

Let’s be fair with these accounts, it is not a matter of criticizing or disrespecting them, because in the end our only desire is to inform you guys.

When a reliable account is wrong, I am sure that more than a mistake , is simply an agreement between board and player that has not gone through.

At the end of the day, with time and experience we all end up learning who we can trust and who we can’t, what accounts are there for the love of the club and what accounts are there just to gain followers and likes.

From my own experience I can assure you that whoever has real reliable sources close to the club:

– Will not have news every day

– Will not report all the names linked to the club

– Will not assure what will happen in a week time

– Will not confirm a signing 100%

– Under no circumstances will they ever reveal the identity of their source.

Today is Thursday, January 16 and there have been so many names linked to the club in these last two weeks that apparently, the media no longer have names to link us to.

Without a doubt, the media will return in a few days with new rumors, I hope this article helps you to select the type of news to which you should give credibility and leave false expectations apart.

Thank you.

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