Timo Werner has been spectacular for RB Leipzig this season and has proven to be one of Bundesliga’s most fierce attackers. With Giroud looking to leave in January and Batshuayi struggling to prove himself, Timo Werner is a must signing for Chelsea. 

The man most Chelsea fans dub as, “The German Jamie Vardy”, has been world class this season with him netting 23 goals and 8 assists in all competitions. Those numbers are just staggering especially for a player who is only 23 years old. 

Chelsea at times this season have been lacking in the attacking department as seen in games against Everton and Bournemouth. On top of that, the likes of Batshuayi and Giroud who are Chelsea’s fringe strikers are just not up to the standards. To put it in frank terms, Chelsea needs a second striker who can compete with Tammy Abraham and bring them to the next level. The perfect man for this job is Timo Werner. 

Known for his lightning pace, deadly goal-scoring instincts and smart runs, Timo Werner is the perfect signing for Chelsea in January and a must for Chelsea. Here’s why.


If Chelsea really wants to go to the next level, competition is needed. Especially in the striker department. With Oliver Giroud and Michy Batshuyi netting a combined total of 6 goals, it is fair to say that this is not simply good enough. This was clearly evident when Abraham was injured for a couple of games which left an unfilled void for Chelsea.  

With that being said, Timo Werner is the perfect candidate to provide competition to Abraham. Werner is no doubt one of Bundesliga’s best strikers and will push Abraham to his limits. Netting a total of 23 goals in all competitions is not something that comes often for someone this young. 

The qualities that a dangerous pacy goal scoring machine just like Werner will only push Abraham to be a better player and at the same time provide quality competition. 

Batshauyi and Giroud are both behind Abraham in the pecking order – Credit: Getty Images

Attacking Threat

One underlying problem that Chelsea has been facing at times this season is being clinical in the final third. This is especially evident in recent games.

Timo Werner simply brings clinicality to the table. His lighting quick speed and his lethal finishing is what makes him one of the best. It is clear why he has 23 goals in all competitions this season so far. Not only that but his smart runs and movement have been a headache for Bundisliga’s defenders to track this season. 

Not only is he a marksman but Werner is a creator of goals as well. Tallying a total of 8 assists this season just, even more, solidifies the fact that he is a menacing attacking threat.


Lastly, it is his versatility that makes him stand out among the other candidates. Versatility is key particularly in a side like Chelsea that will change tactics and formations when needed. 

Werner is able to play anywhere across the front three. His lighting pace could provide healthy competition for Chelsea’s wingers and push them. It is important to have a player like Werner in the team who can play numerous positions and push numerous players to their best. 


Timo Werner is a must signing for Chelsea and the perfect one. Rumours suggesting that a 30 million Euros bid will only be needed to secure him which is a definite bargain. What he brings to the table is what makes him stand out in the world of football. The competition he will provide, the attacking threat he will bring and the versatility he has is what Chelsea needs. He simply is the right man. 

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