Despite the successes at Chelsea Football Club thus far this season, there’s a handful of players that need to be shown the door as soon as possible. With a transfer ban in place, Frank Lampard needs all hands on deck when the ban expires or if it is appealed ahead of time, there’s a very real possibility that this handful of players could be on the way out.

Marcos Alonso

Despite a series of solid showings, Alonso proved that he isn’t cut out for this level of football. With Emerson Palmieri sidelined due to injury, Alonso made 13 appearances in all competitions for the Blues and in his seven Premier League appearances, he scored one goal and bagged two assists.

Regardless of his solid statistics, in the Champions League matchup against Ajax on November 5th, Alonso was a liability in defense. He was constantly out of position, struggling to get bad and defend. He also gave up a silly free-kick which resulted in a goal for Ajax. Although he was solid up until the match against Ajax, Alonso simply isn’t good enough. Despite signing a contract extension that sees him at the club until 2023, Chelsea need to offload the Spaniard.

I think that Alonso will be sold this summer and someone will be brought in to take his place. I’d love to see Ben Chilwell at Stamford Bridge but he’ll most likely cost upwards of £60m. Definitely not a cheap acquisition.

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Ross Barkley

Far from his eye-catching days at Everton, Barkley has struggled against some of the Premier League’s lesser sides. I remember earlier this season in a home game against Brighton, Barkley, when on the ball, would often turn it over or the attack would stall once it reached him. Despite show glimpses of brilliance, Barkley hasn’t been consistent enough and with Ruben Loftus-Cheek edging closer and closer to return, Barkley will be unable to get into the squad. 

With Mason Mount in the midst of a breakout campaign, Barkley has played second fiddle to the young English star. Like Alonso, Barkley is under contract until 2023 but that doesn’t mean Chelsea shouldn’t try and move him. It’s hard to tell what club would pounce on a player like Barkley but there definitely is a market for him. After all, he’s only 25 and there’s plenty of time for him to revamp his career.

Perhaps Frank Lampard can be the one to resurrect Barkley’s glory days but the English midfielder hasn’t shown much improvement thus far this season. Plus with Chelsea’s midfield being so hard to get into, it might be in Barkley’s best interest to leave the club. 

PS: You don’t know how badly I want Barkley to return to the unreal form he was in while he was at Everton. It truly was a joy to watch.


Despite being the most decorated player in the Premier League, Pedro seems to be a shadow of his former self. The 32-year old Spaniard has made little to no impact at Stamford Bridge this season and part of that is due to injuries. Even so, Pedro’s contract expires this summer and Chelsea should try and move while he still holds a bit of value. Plus, if the club is aiming at a world-class winger, they need to make room both physically and economically.

I don’t want to say anything bad about Pedro because he’s as professional as they come. Even so, his tenure at Stamford Bridge seems to be coming to an end. In three Premier League appearances, Pedro has neither a goal or assist and in two Champions League appearances, he showcases the same statistics. His only contributions thus far this season have come in the EFL Cup in which he’s appeared twice netting a goal and assist.

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Olivier Giroud 

Unlike the previous three players, Giroud shouldn’t be ousted because of underperforming or lack of consistency. Despite being fit, he hasn’t appeared for the Blues since October 26th in Chelsea’s trip to Turf Moor. The likes of Tammy Abraham along with Michy Batshuayi have proven to be Lampard’s go-to strikers, leaving little opportunity for Giroud to get minutes.

Tammy Abraham is second only to Jamie Vardy in Premier League goals this season with 10 goals. Abraham, despite being the subject to numerous loans years prior, is the club’s first-choice striker. A battle ensued between Michy Batshuayi and Olivier Giroud in which they vied for minutes off the bench. It seems that Michy has won out despite a start to the season in which he barely appeared for the club at all. Now, Batshuayi is an integral part of this Chelsea side and he’s seen to it that Giroud has barely played.

Now I really like Giroud and I think he’s a great striker. Even so, Chelsea can definitely get a good return for the Frenchman. His contract expires in 2020 and at 33 years of age, re-signing him would be risky. Why not invest in more of the youth when it’s working so well?

Cesar Azpilicueta

I think that selling both Azpi and Alonso is a bit risky considering Chelsea could run the risk of not replacing them and being down two fullbacks. Even so, Azpi, like Pedro, isn’t what he used to be. The 30-year-old Spaniard will most likely play second fiddle to the likes of Reece James who started his first Premier League game against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

James is only 19 but through his stellar play so far this season, it’s hard to argue that he shouldn’t be Chelsea’s first-choice right-back. Even with Azpi sent to the bench, there’s still a ton James could learn from him. Azpi boasts an incredible amount of experience and perhaps Chelsea will hold onto him because of that. Under contract until 2022, there’s a very real chance that Chelsea holds onto him until then but why not sell if solid offers are flowing in?

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That’s a wrap

So there you have it. These five players should be on their way out as soon as possible. Even so, the Blues need to be careful. With the transfer ban in place, the team can’t simply sell without being able to replace them. Despite the ban, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of the five players listed above was to be shipped out in January (if the ban is appealed) and I think at least four of the five will be gone in the summer. 

For now, we should all enjoy the football that Chelsea is playing. Third in the league (ahead of Manchester City I might add) and in prime position to secure a spot in the Champions League knockout stage, Chelsea is in a great spot despite the number of setbacks suffered this summer. But upon the lifting of the ban, all bets are off.

Sidenote: Willian’s contract expires this summer but Chelsea should only move them if they bring in the likes of Leroy Sane, Jadon Sancho, or Ousmane Dembele. If Chelsea doesn’t sign a young world-class winger, they should throw Willian an extension.

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