Going into this season, one of the biggest concerns facing Lampard’s Chelsea side was how they were going to replace Hazard’s goal contributions. Frank knew that he couldn’t directly replace him with one player and that it had to be a collective effort. 

In recent seasons, Chelsea have heavily relied on Hazard’s masterclasses. With him gone, the only way was to collectively build a team that scores consistently. Without question, Lampard has already achieved this and built a strong attacking Chelsea side this season. Chelsea are currently fourth in most goals scored with 27 goals and Abraham in contention for the golden boot with 10 goals. Compared to last season, where all three Chelsea strikers (Giroud, Higuan, Morata) had 12 goals in total. Lampard has built a Chelsea side who are extremely dangerous in attack with a variety of weapons and creative masterminds in midfield. 

The Creative Midfield

Under Sarri, the Chelsea midfield seemed to lack creativity. Jorginho last season was more restricted by Sarri’s playstyle than he is under Lampard and it was hard for him to directly assist a goal. The midfield lacked creativity and that forced Chelsea to once again rely on Hazard. 

However this season, Lampard’s high intensity versatile attacking football has unlocked the creativity of Chelsea’s midfield. Under Lampard, the partnership between Jorghino-Kovacic has much more freedom to be creative and build up the attack. Their chemistry in midfield has created numerous combinations that created goal scoring opportunities. In most games when they are partnered together, most of Chelsea’s passes will be from them and most of the build up play leading to a goal scoring chance will be orchestrated by those two. 

Another key player in this is Mason Mount. His linkup play with Abraham has been a huge asset for Chelsea’s attack this season. Lampard’s attacking style allows Mount to fluidly set up goals with his drives and score them as well. 

Having a midfield three that has more creative freedom and can set up goals has played a huge role in replacing the contributions from our former winger. 

Credit: Sky Sports

Variety of Attacking Weapons

In the past seasons, the front three relied way too much on Hazard to do his magic. On top of that Chelsea didn’t have a striker who was clinical enough and consistent. But this season, the arrival of Tammy Abraham has filled that void perfectly. 

Abraham has been leading Chelsea’s attack superbly. With Chelsea’s midfield being allowed more creative freedom and with Tammy’s clinical finishing, the Chelsea attack is something to be afraid of. His wide ranging ability to score different types of goals and his incredible goal scoring instinct has been an excellent addition to Chelsea’s attack. His holdup play has also allowed other attacking players to join the attack and create goals. 

Not only that but the likes of Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi and Willian have proven to be excellent attacking threats this season, especially Pulisic who is on form right now. The American had a slow start but is now gaining momentum and only getting better every game. His pace and ability to find space for a shot has been extremely effective for the Blues recently. In his last 3 Premier League games, he has netted 5 goals and averaging 3.01 shots each 90 minutes. Not only can he score but his ability to attract opponents creates open space for his teammates to exploit. 

Hudson-Odoi has had an exceptional return from injury despite not being able to find a goal in the Premier League yet. He has been a key addition in Chelsea’s attack. His eagerness to take players on in 1v1 situations on the flank and his crossing has earned him 4 assists in all competitions already. 

Willian under Lampard this season has rediscovered his dangerous attacking form. 2 goals and 3 assists to his name already this season has shown that Willian is still one of Chelsea’s crafty attackers. 

Lampard has perfectly instilled a goal scoring mentality into the Chelsea team which has had a monumental impact. Having a creative midfield combined with a variety of goal scoring threats in the front three has perfectly filled Hazard’s void. Chelsea are now one of Premier League’s most lethal attacking sides and it’s only getting better game by game. 

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