A huge three points were picked up at Vicarage Road but of course not without drama. Chelsea in the end picked up the victory but really shouldn’t have made that tense in last portion of the match. With goals from Tammy Abraham and Christian Pulisic they now sit 6 points clear of Arsenal and 3 points from Leicester who play tomorrow against Crystal Palace. Let’s take a look what transpired throughout this match between the lowly Watford and Chelsea.

The first half kicked off with a rapid start for the Blues as in the 5th minute Mason Mount laid a pass to Jorginho who then through-balled it first time to Tammy Abraham who then finished the magnificent play. A tremendous ball in for Tammy from Jorginho who once again displayed his vision and astounding technicality throughout the whole match. Both Jorgino and Kovačić put in an amazing midfield performance continuing their red hot partnership. Watford were having trouble in midfield and Chelsea were creating chances behind the midfield gaps. The Hornets were hesitant in leaving their respective lines to cover Jorginho who was given space to pick out several Chelsea players.

Whenever they did mark Jorginho up close, either Kovačić or the Italian picked out either Mount or another Chelsea player who then sprung an offensive run behind the Watford midfield where they enjoyed space to work with. A lot of great chances went to waste as the second goal could not be found keeping Watford in the game. Tammy had another chance to score but Ben Foster made a good save to prevents his second goal. Mason Mount also had a chance to put the Blues 2-0 before the break but Foster managed to get a tremendous hand on it that proceed to hit the crossbar denying the chance to double their lead.

Kovacic ran the midfield with Jorginho today – Credit: Chelsea FC

More unnecessary misplaced passes from Chelsea plagued them in the second half giving Watford some opportunities on the counter. The boys in blue did a good job getting the ball back or dealing with any Watford attack in the box. Watford were more direct in their play and had some good build-up play but not enough to trouble the backline of Chelsea. In the 55th minute the Blues got what they were looking for, a second goal. Willian laid off a pass that took a slight deflection but still found the feet of Tammy who put in a wonderful ball in the box. Christian Pulisic made a striker’s run into the area to score a tap in and beat the Watford centre halves to the ball.

Frank Lampard’s side once again looked back in control as they moved throughout the pitch with much confidence and purpose. Watford continued their high press despite the score in search of a goal. Their relentless press made Chelsea have to play it out from the back with nervousness but the back line and midfield did a good job breaking the press and hitting Watford with devastating offensive runs. But one mistake at the back was what Watford wanted, Jorginho had ball in his own box but the persistent Deulofeu took the ball away from him in dangerous territory. Jorginho stuck his leg and what looked like minimal contact and Deulofeu delayed his fall. The ref at the time did not mark a penalty but VAR looked at the play and overturned the call in what seemed a controversial call. Deulofeu scored the penalty cutting the Chelsea lead in half and Watford were once again back in the game.

Another late wave of pressure from the opposition forced Chelsea to make mistakes in midfield and produce some half chances but not enough to get a second goal. Lampard made some late changes in order to extinguish Watford momentum with Batshuayi coming on in the 88th minute and Reece James in the 90th minute. Silly fouls led to threatening balls in from Watford and Chelsea have to work on this as they have susceptible to set pieces all season. In the last set piece of the match, Ben Foster made his way in the box to make a last ditch to secure a point. An incredible save from Kepa ensured the three points went home with Chelsea.

That’s 5 wins in a row for Chelsea in the Premier League, an impressive run of form. Next up a Champions League night against Ajax at Stamford Bridge.

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