Hello everyone, My name is Vivek. I am 29 and I currently run a school back in my hometown in India. I’ve been a massive Blues supporter since my early teens and fell in love with the club ever since I saw John Terry, Frank Lampard and Drogba play. Back when watching football was quite the task in India, me and my Dad who is also a Blue would never miss a Chelsea game on TV and one day we hope to make it to Stamford Bridge together. Beyond supporting the Blues, I am an avid gamer and you can mostly find me online on my PS4 playing FIFA or other single player titles. I’ve written for other publications in the past and I am looking forward to contributing my thoughts through All Things Chelsea.

Credit: Premier League Official Website

One of my favourite Chelsea players at the club right now is Mason Tony Mount. Midfield extraordinaire and high potential are two phrases I would use to describe Mason who is enjoying a great start to life at Stamford Bridge. In his first senior year for the club he has bagged 4 goals and 2 assists from 15 appearances after successful loans at both Derby County and Vitesse Arnhem. He has slowly become one of my favourite players this season and he looks set for a great year after the start he has enjoyed in the Premier League.

Frank Lampard took no time in bringing Mount to the starting XI. Although the team suffered a heavy loss at the hands of Manchester United on the opening day, glimpses of what we can expect from him were seen at Norwich, Wolves and at Ajax away which I believe were some of his best performances in a Chelsea shirt. What I like about Mason is his off ball work which is one of his biggest strengths. He tirelessly presses the opposition midfielders to win the ball and create counter attacking opportunities for the team. He is what i would call a modern day midfielder who has an eye for a great pass or a goal along with impressive work rates and an outstanding work ethic.

What I also admire about Mason is his commitment to the club. He carries himself with maturity when he speaks to the media and is never shy of expressing his love for Chelsea. His story is one for every aspiring young footballer in any academy in the world to look up to and he is proof that hard work and self belief can and will make your dreams come true. The sky is the limit for young Mason Mount who I believe is one of the most important Chelsea players right now. He has the makings of a top class midfielder and I believe he could go on to become one of the best to have ever played for Chelsea in the future, if he continues to improve. He’s far from the complete player just yet.

Thank you so much everyone for reading my article and I would like to thank James and the team at All Things Chelsea for giving me this opportunity to express my love for Chelsea on this platform.

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