October 26th of 2019. A day Pulisic will remember forever. In his first start in 2 months, Pulisic starred for Chelsea’s 7th win in a row by completing a perfect hattrick. With 3 goals, 2 assists and 1 crucial pre-assist in his last four games for the Blues, it is safe to say that “The Pulisic Train has officially arrived in London”. 

From Hershey, Pennsylvania to London, Pulisic has officially arrived and begun his masterclass era for Chelsea. Despite struggling to earn minutes to prove himself in the beginning, Pulisic didn’t whine about it, instead he kept his head up. There was a lot of talk about how Lampard didn’t rate him or that he wasn’t good enough yet Pulisic kept going and it has finally paid off. Lampard knew that it would take time for him to adapt and he was correct for slowing integrating the American into the team. 

Pulisic had a tough start to life at Chelsea – Credit: AFP

The start of the journey

Flashback to September 9th where Chelsea played Grimsby in the Carabao Cup. Everyone was demanding for Pulisic to play and he did. But his performance was disappointing to say the least. In the next two games Pulisic didn’t feature as a sub and was left out of the squad. Fans were starting to question if he was really good enough for Chelsea, heated debates among the Chelsea fans started. Was he only bought for marketing purposes? Who knew?

October 6th. Every Chelsea fan was waiting anxiously to see if Pulisic would make the matchday squad against Southampton. And he did on the bench. As the game went on, fans were waiting for him to come on. Then came the 80th minute, Pulisic entered the field looking determined and hungry. The clock struck. It was the 89th minute, Jorginho finds Michy who lays it off to Pulisic who takes a small touch around a Southampton defender then beautifully slots a through ball to Batshuayi who finishes it perfectly. The Chelsea fans went wild but still questioned if he could do this weekly. 

The October international break begins. Pulisic gets on the scoresheet against a weak Cuba side but still hasn’t seemed like the player he was at Dortmund. Then comes the next game for the American side who took on Canada and went on to lose in the first time in 34 years against them. Everyone was talking about Pulisic again. But it was because of his reaction to being subbed off. As he sat on the bench, frustration and anger was evident in his eyes. Fans began to wonder if this was the beginning of his downfall? 

Pulisic’s reaction to being substituted

October 19th. On the 64th minute in the Newcastle game, Pulisic comes on from the bench. The score is still 0-0 and the Blues are looking to score. Ten minutes later, Pulisic drives into tight space attracting 3 Newcastle defenders, a last minute layoff to Hudson-Odoi then to Alonso who hits a low powerful shot that beats the keeper. Pulisic single handedly started that play and was important in the build up of it. The Pulisic train starts moving again. 

Chelsea fans demand for a Pulisic start next game. October 23rd comes around, an away day in Amsterdam. It would be perfect for a Pulisic start, wouldn’t it? Not yet says Lampard. A must win for Chelsea and still a scoreless game. The clock hits 67 and Pulisic comes on. He starts driving and dancing around Ajax’s defense. A goal looks likely to come for the Blues and Pulisic is driving it. The 87th minutes comes and Pulisic on the left hand side, drives the ball, does a step over then perfectly crosses to Michy who hits it first time into the net. Another assist added for Pulisic and the Dortmund partnership continues. Game by game, Pulisic is stepping up and winning games. 

The Pulisic Train has officially arrived

2 assists and 1 pre-assist in the last three games for the American. Chelsea fans are sure that he will get his first start in over two months. And he does. What a perfect game this would be for Pulisic to score his first for the blues. A cold evening at Turf Moor, can Pulisic do it? Is October 26th the day?

Pulisic is dancing around defenders left and right. In the 21st minute of the game, Pulisic sees a Burnley defender who has his back turned, he accelerates and steals the ball. Driving into the final third, the American does a step over with his right foot then lays the ball ahead of him for a left foot strike into the bottom right corner. What a moment for him. After all the obstacles, a well deserved goal for the young star. His celebration says it all. But he doesn’t stop there.

Half time is near but Pulisic keeps going. He drives in the middle of the pitch to the final third, takes a touch to the right side of the box then strikes the ball into the net. It’s 2 goals for him already. Every Chelsea fan is buzzing and happy for him but still Pulisic isn’t finished. In the 56th minute of the game, Mount crosses it and the 5’8″ Pulisic somehow gets the ball and heads it into the net. It’s a perfect hat-trick for him and the away end begins to chant USA over and over. Another record is broken as Pulisic becomes Chelsea’s youngest player to score a hat-trick. What a day for Chelsea fans and Pulisic.  

The Pulisic train has officially arrived and it’s not stopping. 

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