One of the most discussed and controversial debates going on among Chelsea fans, is whether Mason Mount is overrated? Some Chelsea fans seem to believe that Mount is overrated, does not offer much and is only starting because of favouritism by Lampard. In this article, I will explain why Mount is not overrated, not average and what he offers for Chelsea. 

First off, many people when arguing that Mount is an average player, bring up the debate that Ruben Loftus-Cheek is better than him. This statement and argument is quite absurd as no one is arguing that Mount is better than Ruben who is obviously a better player. However this doesn’t mean Mount is average. Just because a player is better than another player, it doesn’t mean that the other player is average or overrated. Mount is a great young player who is currently in form for the Blues. Even if Ruben replaces Mount, it would take him at least a month to even appear as a significant sub. And when Ruben is fully back into the starting team, Mount will be a great sub to have and an excellent rotation player. 

The most annoying argument in my opinion made is this Aouar versus Mount debate. The same fans who argue that Mount’s 4 goals and 1 assist in 8 games is nothing, always bring up this debate. But guess what? Aouar has 1 goal and 2 assists in 8 games as well. Aouar is no doubt another great player but Mount is arguably better.

Every single manager from the youth to senior teams have rated Mount highly. Managers like Frank Lampard and Gareth Southgate have all rated him highly and recognise the abilities he has to offer for their teams. His work ethic, work rate and mindset is what sets him apart from other players and what stands out for managers to see. Numerous players who played alongside Mount have all said that he is a great player and that he improves the players around him. If you can’t see that Mount is a great player, then look at what these professional managers and players have to say about him. 

Another misconception seems to be his age. Mount is only 20. He’s only had three years of senior football and this is his first season in the Premier League. The Premier League is the hardest league for any player to excel in. Mount is exceeding expectations and performing extremely well. 4 goals and 1 assist for a 20 years old in 8 appearances in the toughest league in the world is impressive.

The most common argument made against Mount is that “besides the few goals he scores, he offers nothing to the team”. This argument is completely invalid. It doesn’t account for the intangibles that can’t be accurately measured by statistics. Here’s what Mount tactically offers to Chelsea. 

Credit: Chelsea FC

Chance creation 

Mount offers goals and creates chances. In his 8 appearances for Chelsea in the Premier League, he netted 4 goals and assisted 1. For a player who is playing out of position most of the time, these numbers are superb. Not only that, but so far this season he has created the most chances in the team. Mount offers what Chelsea needs offensively. A midfielder who can score and set up goals.  

Mount this season is averaging around 2.1 key passes per game in the Premier League which is the second highest for Chelsea. There’s no doubt that he is creating chances for Chelsea and that he is a threat offensively. 

Not only that but his composure on the ball has been excellent as usual with him not losing the ball or being dispossessed often.  

Set piece threat

Not only can Mount create chances while playing, but in set pieces too. He has proven to be a huge threat. His free kicks and corners this season has been excellent and were dangerous against the opponent’s defence.

Tactical versatility  

In Mount’s appearances for Chelsea this season so far, he has played three different positions in three different formations. In every position he has played this season whether it was playing out of his normal position or in his normal position, he has produced top performances in everyone of them. When playing centrally Mount creates more chances and is more creative and when he plays wide, he is a bigger goal threat. Mount’s ability to play various positions is one of the many reasons that he is a top player.  

Linkup play

Mount is that type of player that brings out the best performances of his teammates and positively impacts his team. On top of his work ethic, his ability to linkup with players such as Tammy Abraham has brought out the best of their abilities. From dropping deep to create space for Abraham to moving into space to support the striker. His linkup play with other players has created numerous chances for Chelsea this season. 


Mount’s pressing has been quality this season and fits Lampard’s system perfectly. A great example of this is his goal against Leicester City. His quick thinking and awareness allowed him to anticipate a mistake where he pressed and dispossessed Ndidi who was dropping to receive the ball and then capitalised off that by scoring. His pressing and cutting off passing pathways has proven to be a great asset. 

Defensive awareness

Mount is also a player who is defensively effective. His ability to track back and get back to help the team defensively has proven to be crucial this season. His interceptions, tackles and blocks has prevented multiple goals. 

Many people argue that Mount is ineffective but only look at the tangibles and not the intangibles that can’t be shown by statistics. Mount offers so much for Chelsea and without a doubt is why Lampard continues to put faith in him. He is one of our best players currently and has been extremely effective on the pitch. Give him a few more years and he might even turn into a world class player. 

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