After a year out of the business, Chelsea will soon be able to dive back into the market, and choose from a whole range of goods. It’s imperative that when we can next buy, that we don’t go for the Pick n’ Mix transfers of a seemingly random selection, but really think through each aspect for every player that comes in, and go for only the best sweets on display.

We’ve seen enough Drinkwaters at Zappacostas pass through the corridors at Chelsea to know that not thinking through who you buy can come back to bite you. They’re the sweets that you think look decent, but once you’ve bought them, you take one bite and spit it out. Chelsea need to do better and nothing else will do.

There’s two main things to look at when signing a player…


First and foremost, ability is obviously the key aspect when targeting a new signing. They have to be good enough to not just play for Chelsea, but to push the players currently at the club. That’s something that Zappacosta type signings don’t do.

Do they fit the project?

This is absolutely crucial, and it’s one of the main reasons why so many signings don’t work out. With Lampard, there is already a clear identity and direction that the club is going in, and players need to fit into that in order for them to have the best chance of success.

Let’s look at an example that has been much talked about recently, Neymar vs Sancho. I think everyone can agree, that right now, Neymar is the more talented player. But it’s about looking at the whole package. Signing someone off talent alone can lead to issues further down the road.

Neymar is heading into what should be the prime of his career, but we’ve seen that wherever he goes, he creates issues off the pitch, including fights with players in training and forcing moves away from the club. He is obviously talented, but does he fit the profile of where the club is going? Probably not. It’d be a big risk to get him.

Sancho, however, is young, has already shown he’s a very good player and would fit into Lampard’s style of play seamlessly. He’d also not cause any off the pitch issues and would keep Chelsea as a very close knit group. Player power is something we’ve had issues with until very recently, and it’s something I’m sure that no one is keen to reintroduce.

So, with this comparison we have two very talented players, one much more established, but there’s only one that really fits the project that we’re embarking on, and it’s key that we look at all potential signings in this way.

There’s a lot of sweets on the shelves, but not all of them will taste good. Chelsea have tried them all over the years, so let’s not let this next window leave a bad taste in the mouth…

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