For the last couple of seasons we have a seen Chelsea struggle a lot in the second halves and today I thought I would analyse why that could be.

I have always come across one thing in football, the first half is all down to players to follow the managers tactics and play the way the manager has instructed them to. The second half is when the managers tell the players what their mistakes were and how can they improve and try to motivate them for the second half.

But at Chelsea it seems that that doesn’t happen. This has happened since Conte’s second season in charge. In the first half Chelsea play very well and dominate most parts of the game and in the second half they come out absolutely clueless. Why does this happen? Do the players not follow the managers instructions? Does the captain not take charge on the field? Last season especially under Maurizio Sarri, Chelsea would crumble in the second half. A lot of games come to mind, and especially the game against Slavia Praha in the Europa league. Chelsea conceded 2 goals quick goals in the second half and gave the visitors hope.

“We played very well in the first half, but as usual in the last two months we started very badly in the second half.”

Maurizio Sarri

This situation has continued under new boss Frank Lampard as well. You look at games against United, Leicester and Sheffield United. In the first half we were terrific, but as soon as the second half starts we forget how to play. For me the problem is that we don’t have a leader on the pitch. A player who will run that dressing along with Lampard. Things like this would never happen in the second half, when we had the likes of John Terry, Lampard, Drogba etc. These players have to start taking some responsibility because if they can’t fix up they don’t deserve to play for Chelsea.

If we bought someone in who could lead the backline and keep the players on their toes, and not switching off, then we could see an improvement in second half performances.

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