Kurt Zouma. A big topic in the Chelsea fan base but do we all agree he deserves to be in the Chelsea squad? Zouma had an amazing spell at Everton last season showing great promise which genuinely hyped the Chelsea fan base, but has he lived up to it so far?  Well let’s look back at Zouma’s past season.

Kurt Zouma suffered a severe knee injury in the season of 2015/2016 missing 32 games, spending 286 days sidelined. Last season he went to Everton, where he showed all his talent and was consistently on top form. Zouma displayed his amazing ball passing abilities and his fantastic aerial attributes. This resulted in him getting back into the Chelsea first team and as a first choice CB at the start of this season.

In the first few games of this season, his ball playing skills haven’t been too impressive, with many with misplaced passes which have cost us lots of times. His panicking when being pressed, causes for concern for the fans, making us question if he’s really good enough. Zouma has showed us his strength at times which has saved us, but should we have taken the fee of £30-40 million? If we didn’t have the ban, I believe we should have sold, and invested in a stronger leader that we’ve been lacking since Terry left. It’s an issue that needs resolving quickly, but who should we get? Well these are the players I believe we should target in the summer.

Alessio Romagnoli

Romagnoli is everything we need at the moment he is the captain and leader for AC Milan and he’s a great example of what we need at this football club. We have been linked with the player on numerous occasions and I feel like we just need to kill the rumours and sign him. Romagnoli is a solid defender and is described by AC Milan fans as a brick wall, as he tall and hardly falls. He will definitely fit in to Lampard’s play style and would make a big impact if he joins the squad. He is currently 24 so still has room for improvement.

Rúben Dias

The 22 year old had an amazing spell last season and was wanted by many European clubs in the summer but decided to stay at Benfica this season. Dias has been compared with the likes of Ricardo Carvalho and is very comfortable with the ball. He’s not afraid to attack and is a very good ball player, something we need for Lampard’s style. He’s also tall strong defensive player and very aggressive.

Overall I wouldn’t mind any of those two players as long as we cash in on Zouma. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Antonio Rüdiger leave, as he’s ageing and we might as well as cash in now and make as much money as we can. However, he’s the closest to a leader we have at the back, and hopefully he can kick on and improve throughout the season. But the conclusion is we need another CB and we need it soon.

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