So today I decided that I should talk about something that has really started to annoy most of the fans around the world. It is the introduction of VAR to the Premier League. VAR has been used in the Champions League and was also used in the World Cup.

During most of the World Cup the VAR had proved to be very key, but recently in the Premier League it has made some controversial decisions. Many fans wanted VAR to be introduced into the because during the last few years the officials have made horrific decisions and it has cost teams important points. I was one of the people that wanted VAR to be introduced but after seeing the shocking decisions it has made in just 3 weeks I want VAR to be removed.

Azpilicueta squares up to referee Martin Atkinson over VAR’s decision – Credit: Getty Images

Let’s look at the mistakes VAR has made so far. Starting off with Manchester United vs Chelsea. United scored 2 goals which should have been disallowed. Starting off with Harry Maguire bear hugging Tammy Abraham to the ground, and Chelsea were caught on the counter which lead to a goal. How on earth did that not get checked by VAR ? Moving onto when Manchester City hosted Spurs and they were not awarded a penalty when Lamela manhandled Rodri inside the penalty box and the referee decided to play on. Shockingly the VAR officials did not think it was a penalty as well, which to me is a joke, because that was a clear penalty. Another decision that caught the eyes of fans and and a lot of pundits. Azpilicueta was kicked inside the penalty box against Norwich city and VAR didn’t award anything. A penalty which was clear as day was not awarded. It could have been a crucial moment in the game especially when it was 2-2 at the time, but VAR had bottled another decision.

Tottenham Hotspur’s hosted Newcastle United and they managed to lose the game 1-0. But if it wasn’t for VAR the game could have been completely different. Newcastle defender Lascelles lost his footing and fell to ground but he collided into Harry Kane at the same time and brought him down to the ground. After a minute of checking the incident VAR denied another clear penalty. This decision certainly riled up a lot of fans, and started to heavily criticise the introduction of VAR into the Premier league.

In my opinion, VAR is a very good addition to the Premier League but it certainly still has a lot of flaws. It is becoming a joke and it certainly is ruining the beautiful game. Clear penalties are not being given, and it stops the flow of the game. If it continues like this it will really start to annoy more and more fans. In cricket, their review system works perfectly and it’s time for VAR to take notes from them.

2 thoughts on “Is VAR ruining the beautiful game?

  1. The problem isn’t with the VAR, neither the referees in PL, I think the rules that put upon the referees are. The case should not be the referees must become familiar with the VAR, is should be the rules setters must provide a clear picture for referees on major calls such as: giving penalties, or red cards. And I don’t agree with this rule “the field referee has the final call” because it doesn’t have a fixed pattern.

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