Back in January, Bayern Munich put in a bid for Callum Hudson-Odoi. German clubs clearly want the “next Jadon Sancho”, someone who hasn’t been given a lot of game time, someone who is in their late teens, someone with a lot of potiential. Callum is all of those things. 

Hudson-Odoi is an incredible young talent. The crosses he puts in are amazing for someone his age. If Chelsea let him go, we could be making the same mistake we made with Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah. He has been capped in Gareth Southgate’s England team before he was even started in a Premier League game under Maurizio Sarri.  You do not get capped by the England first international team as an 18-year old unless you are something special. Something that can add something to the team to help them win and become successful. When you get picked for the England team, you are getting picked ahead of some amazing talent in that particular position. 

Callum cannot leave Chelsea, he is the ONLY Chelsea young player (Ruben is 23, not considered a youth player) who has been guarenteed game time under Frank Lampard. 

Bayern Munich, Callum is a Chelsea player. He will be back as soon as he can to play for us. Name any price and Chelsea should reject it. 

Callum, you will get game time here. Sarri wasn’t fair to you, I personally believe. He did say you needed development at the beginning of last season and you were ready to play when you did. I believe you were ready well before then, with the small clips we seen of you. You are a special player. Do not leave. We have Champions League football and you will play regularly in the best league in the world, the English Premier League. 

There is a fantastic and exciting project here at Chelsea. Be a part of it. 

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