By Lum – @CFCLum

Every Chelsea fan should know by now, that we have a two window transfer ban. So what does this mean for Chelsea, the players and the finances? Why did we get it? Let’s answer these questions.

We got the transfer ban because we broke the FIFA rules over foreign under 18 year old players. The exact details are not known, but it’s most likely Chelsea have not appealed it, and have decided to stick with their punishment.

This means that Chelsea will not be able to register players in this time frame. We were, however, allowed to sign the players who we registered before the ban was given. This means we were able to sign Pulisic and Kovacic, as they were technically registered before the ban.

It’s not difficult to understand the financial side of things. We don’t register anyone for two windows, we don’t lose a lot of money. This means that we will have a lot of money to spend come the end of our transfer ban, with to £180m raised through sales already this summer, as a very rough estimate. 

For the players, this really means a lot. Along with Lampard joining, the youngsters have the best chance to break into the first squad, they will probably ever have! No new players coming in to steal their positions, lower squad depth, time to play and improve.

These all mean that it’s a great chance for any youngster waiting to break out of Chelsea’s loan army/youth squad and into the first team. We’re looking at names such as Michy Batshuayi, Kurt Zouma, Tammy Abraham, Reece James, Tiemoué Bakayoko and many others!

Extra funds, chances for new players and an exciting season to look forward to under a new manager are all great things, so let’s look at the plus sides and try to be glad that we have a transfer ban! 

Thank you for reading, comment your thoughts or feedback down below! 

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