Despite Maurizio Sarri completing all his targets in his first season, it looks like the Italian will not be Chelsea manager come August and is favourite to replace Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus.

Reportedly, Roman Abramovich was going to sack Maurizio Sarri win or lose before the Europa League final because of the controversy with some of the fans, often called the #SarriOut Brigade. First of all, you’re a businessman. You run this club, you make the decisions. Don’t listen to the fans about this. What more was Maurizio Sarri supposed to
do? Win the league? Obviously he wasn’t going to do that as no one could stop Manchester City and Liverpool this season and no one probably will for a while. I could go on and on about how much this situation aggravates me, but this would be a 5000 word article.

But Sarri has come out and spoken to Vanity Fair about his future and has said the following:

“For us Italians, the lure of going home is strong. You feel that something is missing. It was a heavy year. I began to feel the weight of distant friends, my elderly parents who I rarely seen.”

If Sarri leaves and we appoint Frank Lampard, in 7 months we’ll be shouting #LampardOut most probably.

What do we do if the new manager doesn’t like a fan favourite, such as Callum Hudson-Odoi or Ruben Loftus-Cheek?

Roman and Marina, whatever you do, do not appoint Jose again. It will end in tears, not joy.

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