The Merry go round for managers continues as Chelsea are looking to replace Maurizio Sarri if he pushes for a move. Sarri helped Chelsea finish in 3rd position in the Premier League, got them to two finals, the first of which was played at Wembley as it was the League Cup final, where Chelsea lost to Manchester City on penalties. The Blues did not deserve to lose that tie, while Sarri’s tactics were spot on and they were unfortunate to lose on penalties.

Chelsea managed to get to the Europa League final and they will face Arsenal in Baku on the 29th of May. But why are there so many questions about his future ? Since 2019 started Sarri has suffered two embarrassing defeats, a 4-0 loss to Bournemouth and then a 6-0 loss to the Premier League champions Manchester City. These results were simply not acceptable. A big club like Chelsea should not be losing by such large margins. This is when the divided between the fans started. The fans started to get impatient and chants of Sarri Out were being sung and the atmosphere started to become very toxic.

Chelsea managed to get only 1 point away from home against the top 6 teams. Nonetheless Chelsea did manage to get top 4 under Sarri. But they have been linked with Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. It’s his first year as a manager and he’s done a great job with Derby County. He’s taken them to the Play-off final and will face Aston Villa at Wembley. But is Frank Lampard ready? Any manager that comes to Chelsea will have a hard time. Chelsea plan to bring Lampard in to remove the toxic atmosphere, if Sarri were to leave. But, in my opinion, Lampard needs more experience and would not be the right manager.

Maurizio Sarri in his first season has done a decent job and could leave after the Europa League final regardless of the result. This sends out a negative image for other managers who will be looking for a job. Even though Sarri achieved his objective of getting into the Champions League he could still leave because of the toxic atmosphere and could push for a move back to Italy. No manager would take the Chelsea job. I am not Sarri’s biggest fan and I don’t feel like he’s the right man, but to sack him after one season and with what he has achieved is quite harsh. He needs one more season to implement his philosophy and then if it doesn’t work then Chelsea could start looking for a new manager.

If there was a better manager out there then Chelsea could sack Sarri. They are even linked with Allegri and he could be a good appointment. But it would be a terrible decision by the board if they decide to let Sarri go and bring in Frank Lampard. He is not experienced enough, and if results don’t go Chelsea’s way the fans would turn on him. I can’t bare to see Chelsea fans abusing Frank Lampard and his legacy could be tarnished. So in my opinion, give Sarri one more season, and let Lampard get more experience and then we can think about bringing him in.

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