Racism has been happening in football for a very long time and it has had serious effects on black footballers. The most recent players to be seriously affected by racism are Rüdiger, Zaha, Rose and Raheem Sterling.

Raheem is the most recent player to receive the most racism and he’s been trying to take action on this by taking it to the press and on social media, telling people he’s disgusted by what he is receiving but also letting people know that he’s not listening. Harry Kane has recently come out in the press and said if he hears any racial abuse targeted towards his England team mates during international duty, he will personally walk them off and won’t allow fans to abuse the players.

Tottenham Hotspur left back Danny Rose has also said to the press that he can’t wait to retire from football to stop getting racially abused on a weekly basis. The English international is still only young and has a lot of football years left in him, so for a player wanting to retire already due to racism is disgusting.

Racism isn’t just in England, in recent weeks there has been some serious racism allegations in Italy during the Juventus game. Moise Kean was subjected to racist abuse from the stands after the 19 year old striker scored a late goal to score the 3 points which didn’t go too well with the Cagliari fans. The Italy international was targeted all night by the home fans, with monkey chants aimed at him. Kean took himself to the away end after scoring and put his arms out wide as to say “that’s to you Cagliari fans” . This caused more issues as it only made the away fans more angry at the striker.

In recent weeks Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha was racially abused on social media after the recent game against Newcastle United. Currently Newcastle are doing everything within their power to identify the fan who sent Wilfried Zaha the message. The Newcastle fan called Zaha a “diving monkey” which would trigger the forward to react after such foul words sent to him. Zaha also said it’s the second time this has happened to him this season, with him getting death threats from the Arsenal fans due to him being a black player. 

Racism in football really does need to be kicked out of football and life in general. We are living in a generation where this shouldn’t be happening in society anymore, people who are racially abusing should be severely punished and not be allowed to enter any sports events in the future.

With Instagram and Twitter being very popular apps for public to use, it’s becoming a lot more common for footballers to get racially targeted due to them being able to receive direct messages from people. For the fans who wants to message their idols with the hopes of getting a reply, it completely ruins their chances, as footballers will be so cautious about what they choose to read and most probably will not answer any direct message. This needs to be taken very seriously on social media, in sports events and in the public eye in general. My hope is that this racism decreases quickly and allowing black players to feel comfortable stepping out on the pitch to play 90 minutes without getting racially abused.

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